Eat Clean Stripped 4 Week Support Group

As many of you know I am on my postpartum Journey still, 13 months postpartum, but my body is nowhere near where it was pre pregnancy 3!  I want to get on track with my clean eating and what better way to do it than in a group! I have done Whole30, which it is great- I found myself binging after I finished it- almost way too restricted =/ Where when I followed the Stripped Plan 6 years ago, my health and nutrition skyrocketed! I felt amazing! 
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Starting MONDAY May 8th, 2017 we will go through Clean Eating Stripped Plan by Tosca Reno.  What will you need to do to act fast and commit to this group? Buy this book (you can get it at Barnes and Nobles or any other book store) and Email me @ Subject: 5/8 Eat Clean Group- and let me know that you want in! There is no other commitment than owning the book and committing to 4 weeks of following the meal plan, accountability of the group, and posting your stats!!!!

I will be completing Insanity Max30 and Shakeology along with this group- so If you would like a workout plan we can set you up with that as well- include it in your email =)

WHO WANTS IN???? ACT FAST!!!! Share with your friends, comment here, and email me! For every Friend you Refer- you get entered into a drawing to win some free Shakeology Packets =)

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2017 Health Bet

I would love to share some amazing information with you! Are you ready to hear this???
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Beachbody is running a Health Bet- basically you workout and drink shakeology Daily and you will enter to win up to $3 million dollars… now let me break that down for you!

1. You have to join me on the My Challenge Tracker App and be a customer on Team Beachbody with Vaild Name and Address (for them to send you your winnings).

2. You will have to log 5 shakeology’s per week.
3. You will have to log 3 workouts per week.
4. The contest runs from Jan 9th-Feb 5th. Each week ends at 11:59 pm EST Sundays (1/15, 1/22, 1/29 & 2/5)
In order to qualify to win a share of the Beachbody Health Bet prize pool, participants must meet all of the requirements of 1-4.
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How amazing does that sound? I am super excited! Last round, everyone walked away with close to $17 just for staying accountable and getting results!

I will also be running giveaways throughout the period for you to enter and win- just for showing up =)

If you are interested in joining me and our team. Just simply email me at with the subject HEALTH BET or fill out this little form!

Transformation Tuesday! Cortni S.’s Insanity Transformation!

How many of you out there think you have to be fit to start Insanity? How many of you think you need to be fit to start an intense workout program? Cortni S. is proof that you can do whatever it is you want to do!


I had the honor of watching part of her transformation unfold and let me just tell you! SHE IS AN INSPIRATION! Always positive, never doubting her abilities, and always wanting to push harder!

“At 25 years of age I never thought I would step on the scale and be so close to the 300 pound mark. Just before my 21st birthday I rapidly gained 100 pounds. I stopped exercising and stopped watching what I ate and four years later that 100 pounds turned to 145. I had no self respect, no self esteem, and no self worth. I don’t even remember looking into the mirror those 5 years, I couldn’t look myself in the eye. I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, sleeping 16-20 hours a night. I could barely get myself out of bed to go to work. I would drive through the fast food window almost every day, order 12 dollars worth of food off the dollar menu and still be hungry when I finished it all. Life became unmanageable and I suddenly found myself unsure if I could live. I was taking every anti-depressant under the sun. My work quality declined and I was constantly getting reprimanded for poor work performances. I stopped smiling. I stopped having fun. I didn’t know who I was anymore.


On March 31, 2011, I woke up feeling the same way I always did: stuck. I knew this was the way my life was destined to be forever. There was no big white flash of hope or any powerful revelation that struck me in the head, but on that day, I knew that if I didn’t do something to start bettering my life that I was going to die. It had suddenly turned into a life or death situation for me. I knew that if I didn’t change I was going to die. I had once loved life. And the thought of the happy girl I once was gave me hope. I quit smoking that day, and I have never taken another puff since. It took a year before I was willing to start working on my diet. I made slow dietary changes and bought p90x which I did occasionally. Slow changes helped me lose the first 40 pounds in 6 months. Once I saw those slow changes take shape in my body, I realized I could change my life. The next 60 pounds came off a lot easier because I got serious about dieting and exercise. I loved the way I felt! With 100 pounds gone I knew that it was finally time to start taking my life, my fitness, and my transformation seriously. I had completed p90x in a year. I wondered what would happen if I completed a program in the recommended time frame. My greatest battle has always been within my own head. I was constantly telling myself I couldn’t do it. My brain likes to live in fear. It fears change, it fears commitment, and it fears discipline. I had always been so afraid to try Insanity because I knew I would never be able to complete it, but on a whim I bought it. I spent the next 60 days proving to myself that I was worth it. I spent 60 days at war with my head and with my body. I pressed play every day, I cried, I whined, and I said bad words, but at the end of those 60 days I found myself 27 pounds lighter and 32 inches smaller. In those 60 days I proved to myself that nothing was impossible now that I had changed my thoughts. I proved that thoughts become actions.


To me the Insanity program was the ultimate fitness program. I never thought I could complete it, yet alone have success with it. I got a coach, I entered a support group, and I used these tools as a source of accountability on the days when I wanted to ignore Shaun T. To me Insanity was for athletes and skinny people, and to be honest…I was still feeling a little bit “fat”. I chose Insanity because I wanted to see what I could really do when I set my mind to it. I wanted to prove to myself and to anyone who had ever doubted me that I was unstoppable. Beachbody has given me the old Cortni back. Beachbody has given me an opportunity to make money doing what I love, helping people achieve their weight loss goals. Beachbody has given me self worth, self esteem, self respect, and a lot of confidence. I deserve nothing but the best, and why would I turn to any other fitness company when that is the case. I owe my health and my changed mind to Beachbody. My gratitude is unending.”


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Transformation Tuesday: Don’t just envision your results- GET THEM!

Did you miss yesterday’s November Surge? here is the call back, replay from this AMAZING CALL!



How many of you sit and think about being able to workout out or lose your baby weight, or lose those freshman 15 that turned into 30? We all want to be somewhere we aren’t! Even if we are at 100 lbs we want to have muscle and look fit right???? Well there is a reason why people are put into our life and why we interact with them! I see people everyday want to be someone they are not, but then fail at the goals they set for themselves!


This is a girl I have known for YEARS! We reconnected after having babies and she asked what I was doing, I told her what program and she said oh I have Insanity I can do that! Then she would call me every day sometimes every week and ask how I changed my diet, what was I doing at this moment because she wanted to try it! She became faithful to her workouts and nutrition, never had to second guess getting her workout in- that was a no brainer. But she was a tempted girl in the nutrition area! Being a nurse she knew what was good for you and what was bad, what to eat and what to stay away from, but she still loved her hoagies and pizza (don’t we all). She finally got addicted to shakeology and has never missed a day!




Brandee Started at 157 lbs and is now, 2 years later 115 pounds! Did she have a goal, of course- she wanted to look amazing on her wedding day and on her honeymoon! Well she hit that goal for sure! From a size 10-12 to a 2-4, absolutely amazing how life can get in the way but when you get educated and serious about what you want- you make it happen! So proud to call her a friend!



I also had a girl email me yesterday stating she had lost 6lbs in 1 week with T25, another who has lost 10lbs in 90 days with T25 and Shakeology! look for yourself!

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 9.02.58 AMThe thing I have seen alot of lately is how can I get such great results with only working out 25 minutes a day… GUESS WHAT! YOU CAN =) You see here it works, you have a very intense workout for 25 minutes with no breaks!

It is possible to reach your goals when you want to, have the support, and are fully committed! I am here if you have any questions! or just click the “lets talk box”

Post Below how much you would pay to lose 10lbs!

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Meet Christina P. and her Insanity Transformation!

Christina is an amazing person who is sharing her passion for helping others! She is a nurse which really shows she puts others before herself! Christina started her journey with Insanity on June 23 and took progress pictures on August 28. Christina would have been completed with Insanity, but she had to take 3 weeks off due to a back injury! But once she was cleared she got right back into the swing of things and she is down 3 inches in her waist!




“Took some progress pics earlier this week… I get so insecure posting them but I just want to shout from the rooftops that this works! Beachbody and Shakeology have changed my life and I am so grateful. New goal is 15 more pounds by Thanksgiving!” Christina P.


August 2011 to August 2013. I committed myself to this lifestyle… Truly committed… Just 3 short months ago. It’s amazing what one decision can do for your life!!!

Pretty amazing what you can do when you don’t make excuses! “I used to be the ultimate excuse maker. Then I realized the reasons I gave for my excuses was the very same reason I felt the way I did! It’s time to stop the excuses and start living the way you’ve always wanted to… happy and healthy!” Christina P.


Christina is not only a rockstar in her progress, she is also using her amazing tips and helping others reach their goals! She is blowing her goals out of the water and changing 1 life at a time!

What could you achieve if you did not make excuses?

Are you the all time excuse maker? I can’t get up early because I have kids that don’t go to bed until late or a newborn that is up all night, I cant workout after work because I have to make dinner and clean up after everyone, or I have to watch my TV show! Make the time now, or pay for it later!



Make the Decision today to change… Be a better you! get the support and help you need by joining a challenge group!


Watch this video on what a Challenge is! Then let me know if you want to join by commenting below! Have questions? Email me:



Traci A’s Beachbody Transformation: Mommy got her body back

Meet Traci A.!!! A mommy who like myself needed and wanted her body back!!! Well it looks like she was VERY DEDICATED!!! She reached her goals =) Are you ready to reach yours?

Up until this past year when I packed on 52 pounds of pregnancy pudge, never in my life have I been overweight, or out of shape. Actually, I was that 6-foot tall athlete who had a killer body and cocky attitude; truly believing that I did not need a workout program to keep me fit because I was genetically gifted.

But once I ballooned to 200 lbs. while prego with my first kid-o, I realized that if I didn’t seek out help to lose the baby weight, I’d end up just like all the other women in my family who got bigger and bigger with each and every kid they had. And there was no way l was going to use their lame excuse of, “I’m a mom, so it’s okay that I’m out of shape.” So I bought INSANITY shortly after giving birth and my abs became visible within three of starting the program!

Almost instantly, the fat started melting away, and I was getting stronger and more ripped than ever. And in 30 short days, I had my abs back—MY PRE-PREGNANCY ABS! I’ve never experienced such fast results before from exercise; not only was I shocked, so were my friends, family, and even South Carolina’s WACH Fox News—who did a story on my incredibly quick post-pregnancy bounce back.

While there were many skeptics who swore up and down that I was lying and had used old pictures for my “AFTER” results, their cruel words didn’t faze me one bit because I knew the truth: I put in the work, I got the results. Now that I’ve completed INSANITY, I’ve since moved on to Brazil Butt Lift so I can sculpt a sexy bum-bum to match my awesome abs!!

Today, I’m a Beachbody Coach and am addicted to helping others reclaim their lives –and that’s why I am going to get my INSANITY certification this summer.



I absolutely love these Beachbody programs and will be the first to attest to the fact that you CAN get real results from these in-home workouts. If I did it, anyone can. Thanks Beachbody. You rock.

You can change your life, too. Take The Beachbody Challenge™, for the ultimate motivation to get fit! Select any Beachbody® program and once you complete it, share your results for your chance to win cash and prizes.


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Melanie Mitro- Mother of 2 who has made life changing decisions!

Our ladies are bringing some serious results to the table. This Transformation is dear to my heart! Melanie is a very close Friend who has made a WONDERFUL transformation, not just physically but mentally! She inspires me everyday to be a better person, coach, and mom! Melanie started off  in our Summer Slim Down Challenge with Insanity for two months and then started using Shakeology and P90X. WIthin her first week of Shakeology she lost 4 lbs! She became a Coach and is now paying it forward and changing others lives! I love the level of commitment that we have when we share with each other our goals every single day. Being around people with the same goals and aspirations makes every single one of us strive to improve every single day. Congrats on your transformation so far Melanie, It is amazing!

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