Melanie Mitro- Mother of 2 who has made life changing decisions!

Our ladies are bringing some serious results to the table. This Transformation is dear to my heart! Melanie is a very close Friend who has made a WONDERFUL transformation, not just physically but mentally! She inspires me everyday to be a better person, coach, and mom! Melanie started off  in our Summer Slim Down Challenge with Insanity for two months and then started using Shakeology and P90X. WIthin her first week of Shakeology she lost 4 lbs! She became a Coach and is now paying it forward and changing others lives! I love the level of commitment that we have when we share with each other our goals every single day. Being around people with the same goals and aspirations makes every single one of us strive to improve every single day. Congrats on your transformation so far Melanie, It is amazing!

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