Dialing into your Nutrition

When it comes to clean eating and the quality of your food it’s really important.  Here are my tips that I have learned the hard way when my progress stalled.

Fruits- bananas, grapes and mangoes are the highest sugar fruits so I would recommend that you limit them to once per day.  I would suggest pears, apples, and any berries. A serving is 1 cupped handful.

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Veggies- raw or steamed. 2 cupped handfuls eaten 4 times per day. Examples, cucumbers, tomatoes, leafy greens, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, green beans, sprouts, celery.  Note:  Carrots are actually high in natural sugar!

Carbs- 1 handful per day of quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, or cream of wheat and or a hand sized sweet potato.

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Lean protein- stick to chicken, tuna, egg whites, turkey, or non oily fish like salmon and tilapia.  Other protein sources are shakeology, protein powder, nuts (but also a good fat).

Beverages- water!!! Unsweetened herbal teas!

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So if you are really trying to shed weight stay away from dairy products, juice, bread, salad dressings (make ur own with balsamic vinegar and evoo), spreads and high sodium foods!

NO TURKEY BACON for my bacon lovers and no sliced cheese!

I promise if you even start making small tweaks with this plan you will see a drastic change!!!

Eat Clean Stripped 4 Week Support Group

As many of you know I am on my postpartum Journey still, 13 months postpartum, but my body is nowhere near where it was pre pregnancy 3!  I want to get on track with my clean eating and what better way to do it than in a group! I have done Whole30, which it is great- I found myself binging after I finished it- almost way too restricted =/ Where when I followed the Stripped Plan 6 years ago, my health and nutrition skyrocketed! I felt amazing! 
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Starting MONDAY May 8th, 2017 we will go through Clean Eating Stripped Plan by Tosca Reno.  What will you need to do to act fast and commit to this group? Buy this book http://amzn.to/1cbFohe (you can get it at Barnes and Nobles or any other book store) and Email me @ nminton24@gmail.com Subject: 5/8 Eat Clean Group- and let me know that you want in! There is no other commitment than owning the book and committing to 4 weeks of following the meal plan, accountability of the group, and posting your stats!!!!

I will be completing Insanity Max30 and Shakeology along with this group- so If you would like a workout plan we can set you up with that as well- include it in your email =)

WHO WANTS IN???? ACT FAST!!!! Share with your friends, comment here, and email me! For every Friend you Refer- you get entered into a drawing to win some free Shakeology Packets =)

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2017 Health Bet

I would love to share some amazing information with you! Are you ready to hear this???
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Beachbody is running a Health Bet- basically you workout and drink shakeology Daily and you will enter to win up to $3 million dollars… now let me break that down for you!

1. You have to join me on the My Challenge Tracker App and be a customer on Team Beachbody with Vaild Name and Address (for them to send you your winnings).

2. You will have to log 5 shakeology’s per week.
3. You will have to log 3 workouts per week.
4. The contest runs from Jan 9th-Feb 5th. Each week ends at 11:59 pm EST Sundays (1/15, 1/22, 1/29 & 2/5)
In order to qualify to win a share of the Beachbody Health Bet prize pool, participants must meet all of the requirements of 1-4.
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How amazing does that sound? I am super excited! Last round, everyone walked away with close to $17 just for staying accountable and getting results!

I will also be running giveaways throughout the period for you to enter and win- just for showing up =)

If you are interested in joining me and our team. Just simply email me at nminton24@gmail.com with the subject HEALTH BET or fill out this little form! http://bit.ly/2017support

Gobble Gobble Without The Wobble Challenge

Thanksgiving is approaching, Can you believe the year 2016 is almost over??? Where has time gone? Honestly, Have you reached every New Years Resolution you made for yourself? Yes? Well good for you! HOORAY!!!! No, we shouldn’t be celebrating? Well, why not? We still have 11 weeks left of the year and I have the PERFECT thing waiting for you!

gobble gobble

The Gobble Gobble without the Wobble Challenge group! What is this you ask? Basically a group for 21 days where you get to EAT FOOD, Workout for 30 minutes, and you still get to lose the pounds… how does this sound? YES you get to eat Thanksgiving Dinner and Lunch… just not the leftovers for weeks later! Deal?


This will be a Group where we will:3 day refresh results

  1. Follow the 21 day Fix workouts and meal plan. 30 minutes a day for 21 days, plus you get to follow color coded containers that help you portion your food, and believe me YOU EAT! Along with Shakeology.
  2. You will get support, accountability, and community! We will work through an app on your phone, where you will check in daily! I will post my accountability daily and hope you will as well!
  3. I will share tips and more. You will get recipes, tips, and motivation that helped me along my journey back when I began!
  4. Win Prizes! From shaker cups to shirts, all for your commitment and dedication to your results!

When you commit to me as your coach and this group, you will receive a free 3 day refresh!

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This Challenge runs from November 14, 2016 until December 5th 2016. 21 days of you committing to YOU and your health, along with committing to me helping you do so! I will be doing it right along with you!


How do you get started?

  • you will go to teambeachbody.com/nikkikminton > beachbody challenge tab> challenge packs and you will choose 21 day fix along with your favorite flavor of shakeology (my favorite is chocolate)
  • if you want to sign and continue monthly with a discount or even to eventually help others do the same thing, you will go to teambeachbody.com/nikkikminton > coach tab> become a coach> fill in info and you will choose 21 day fix along with your favorite flavor of shakeology (my favorite is chocolate)
  • once you do either of those, you will then complete this form so I can get to know you and your goals! If you want to talk about your goals first….


How to Deal with Being Sick and Exercise!

So I have been sick for the past 6 days, hence there has been no posts or blogs lately! I do apologize! But I figured what better post to bring me back than to help you understand why you should not exercise while being sick and what to do to deal with it! This is the season for colds and flu- so many will have this issue to face! I hope not, but it may!


I am one that lives to wake up and exercise to get my endorphins running! But when you are sick your bodies immune system is weak, you try to get back by doubling and tripling on Vitamin C and Probiotics (or Shakeology) but it does not help, because you do your normal activities and then you have no energy!


#1: REST, take time to just sleep it off or sit around and not exert yourself!

#2: Stay HYDRATED, keep your body hydrated! Water and herbal tea (Traditional Medicinals is a great brand-organic that is), Warm water with 1/2 lemon squeezed (fresh juice), and 1 tbsp of PURE honey- helps sooth the throat, and some say sports drinks or electrolytes- I would rather x out all sugar!!!! it will dehydrate more and fight you immune system to lower more!

#3: Go to a Doctor, if it is season allergies you are use to that you know that! But if you have hot and cold sweats or a sore throat- you want to find out as soon as possible! Yes there are many natural remedies for something simple as strep throat but when you have an infection you want to take care of it right away!


Now how and when to get back to your workout! Most simple colds and flu take 7 days to run its course… I recommend giving your self 3-4 days after feeling 100% to jump back in! 1 your body is still weak and you may find you become fatigue must faster than before! If you are following a workout DVD you can pick up with the last workout you did or start that week over, It it your call, but you do not have to start the whole program from day 1!



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Meal Prep, KEY to Success

Tip #7 to a NEW you is Meal Prep… WHen you have everything prepped for the week you will have an easier time to eat clean and stay on track!



So far we have covered

Tip #1: Clean Eating

Tip #2: Exercise

Tip #3: Water

Tip #4: Tracking

Tip #5: Accountability

Tip #6: Schedule



Meal Prep is something that can tack a long time, but if and when you get the routine down it will take tops and hour a week!

What does meal prep consist of? Anywhere from baking your chicken for salads and wraps to cutting all veggies and fruit for the week!

  1. Wash and Cut fruits and Veggies and put into individual bags or containers for the week! WeeklyFoodPrep-1024x1024
  2. Bake all of your chicken for the week! If you are cooking for just you or the whole families lunch, Bake 6-10 chicken breast on SUnday or your meal prep day! (put on baking sheet, add seasoning, and cook on 375 for 25-30 minutes, turn once!)
  3. Cook a large batch of Quinoa plain, and then the night before or that day add your spices and veggies for lunch or dinner, or your berries for breakfast! all you’ll have to do is cook in warmer for 5 min and it will be done, unless you eat old!
  4. Individually put your salad with veggies in containers so that you just have to cut and add chicken/protein!
  5. Cut your dinner veggies and place in bags so that when its dinner time, you just have to cook!
  6. Make a large crock pot clean dish (ideas @ graciouspantry.com ) and freeze for the week! Take out for lunches or dinner!




If you are in the “warmer” climate: Grill out! This is a picture from summer meal prep for my family!IMG_6376










Meal prep will be however and whenever you decide! You can spend the extra $$$ at the grocery store and by “pre cut” fruits and veggies and meal prepped veggies (stir fry and stews) but if you are in a budget: do it yourself! It honestly does not take long!


If you prep and bake chicken first, cut fruits and veggies, take out chicken, and individually package your salads, you will be done! Label it if you need (dry eraser makers are great! or labels!)


What is one thing you NEED to prep and one thing you have a hard time prepping? Post BELOW!



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Schedule your Appointment! Tip #6 to getting a new body…

How many of you say you don’t have time to be healthy and fit? Don’t have time to fit in a workout or drive to the gym? When you are trying to change your lifestyle #1 thing to do is SCHEDULE IT! Just as if you were scheduling an appointment with your doctor or boss! It is THAT important! Many of you don’t think that and some have people around them that say they are silly for thinking this way but it is TRUE!

Unknown-3 copy


If you could just find 30 minutes a day to get a workout in, in 30 days you would see a difference in your mood, health, energy, and body! What would you sacrifice to get that workout in?


How do I schedule my workout in:

  • 5-7am is “ME TIME”- I workout and read
  • 7a-9am is kids (getting ready for school and breakfast)
  • 9-11:30a Work
  • 11:30-12:30 Lunch
  • 12:30-1:30 Calls
  • 1:30-2:30p hang with the little guy before picking up daughter
  • 2:30-6:30 KIDS ZONE
  • 6:30-7:30p Dinner
  • 7:30-8 call
  • 8-9:30p Kids (bath/bed time)
  • 9:30-10 unwind/ hubby tv time

***I wake up early before the house wakes up so I can get my workout in!!!

Unknown-3 copy 2



Some people are out of the house at 4:30-5am and so when they get home from work they put their workout close o, start dinner, and then get their workout in while dinner is cooking!

Some need to do their workout after 9pm when the kids are in bed!

Some workout during nap time and some let their kids workout with them!


YOU DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! But scheduling it will make it IMPORTANT and a PRIORITY!



When you figure out what works best with your schedule Post Below and stay Accountable!


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Friend me Friday!!!!

Tip #5 to a new you is find someone to be accountable to! On your journey you will find alot of people that will put your lifestyle down and be negative, but you need to find that 1 person that will help you stay true to you and your goals! Is that just to push you with your goals, do the workouts with you, or just ask you how you are doing?



Friends are supposed to lift you up, not bring you down! So find that motivational, inspiring friend, that is just going to push you along- praise you for your new lifestyle- and help you along the way!!! If you would like I would love to help you on your journey! I have several support groups where we hold each other accountable and encourage you to keep going! I love when I get new faces and I LOVE seeing the success of others!!! Friend me on Facebook and send me a message or comment below so we can touch base!!!!


Unknown-2 copy 3


Call To Action/ Assignment:

  1. Write Down 5 goals you want to accomplish within the next 30 days!
  2. Break Down those 5 goals into WEEKLY goals on how you will achieve the “big goal” (you should now have 10-25 things listed)
  3. Take those goals and set up to do 5 per day and see how fast you can reach your goals!
  4. Write down 5 names of people you feel are your biggest supporters and ask them to help you stay accountable!
  5. Get into a group text or meet up once a week to stay true to your goals, FOR YOU!

Comment Below what your goals are! I would love to help you stay accountable! The more you say them out loud and write them down to see them, the more accountable and more likely you will be to reaching those goals!


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What is a Beachbody Challenge and How can I benefit?

Do you need change in your life? Need more energy, to get healthy, or to just get fit!? Then please continue to read and watch the videos!

If you are not ready to change- I would keep scrolling! 


What is a Beachbody Challenge???? Watch this 4 1/2 minute review on what is it!


Now is this something you would like to join??? Well you might be thinking, this is not for me! I could never do this… Well have you ever felt like this?


If you can relate to any or all of this above I would LOVE to help you reach your goals- feel good, lose weight, or even just get healthy! Message me NOW @ nminton24@gmail.com



I run a challenge group a month so even if this one is not going to work for you- message me and I will get you on the waiting list for the next one! 


Join the Challenge TODAY

What do I do when I have NO Motivation to workout?: CHANGE!

Everyones life get crazy and I can be one to say that happens OFTEN for me! I am a mother of 2 toddlers and my husband works 16 hour days, 5 days a week! I am a stay at home mom- my kids are my number 1 priority, so to say life is a breeze IT IS NOT! BUT I can say that working out has made a HUGE difference in my life!


I use to wait until the kids would go to sleep to workout or wait until my husband came home and that made me CRAZY because my life was depending on something that was NOT consistent! My son napped but my daughter was iffy, it was never the same time or she just wanted to play or watch tv instead of napping! Then finally she just stopped napping- so I had to make changes to my schedule because I was not motivated at 9pm or 4pm after thinking about it ALLL day and it being in the back of my head that “I STILL HAVE TO WORKOUT!” This made me dread working out because it was more like a hassle than an enjoyable stress relief! I would work myself up and I set myself up to fail because I would worry all day about it and almost talk myself out of it before it was even time to press play!


So what did I do?!?! I first teamed up with a few of my best friends and got myself an accountability partner- no we do not workout together, but we workout at our own homes at the same time! SO we decided we were going to text each other at 5:30am and get each other motivated to do our workouts! This WAS THE ONLY WAY I would be able to get my workout in without interruptions! (Yes there are days my kids wake up while I am still working out, but now I have been doing it so long and I’m in a routine- they know it is mommy’s “workout time”) So now my workout is done, shower is done, and I am ready to get breakfast for me started before the kids even wake up! This changed my MOOD DRAMATICALLY! I went from being on edge to easy going! I wasn’t worrying about “when” I’m getting my workout in, I am now thinking about “what am I going to do extra with my kids?”



Working out in the morning has changed my life- It give me more energy, puts me in a better mood, and gives me more time with my #1 PRIORITY!


For those of you who struggle with getting motivated or letting life get in your way of YOU! Think of these few things:

1. How are you feeling? DO you want to change your attitude and physical well being?! THEN DO NOT LET WHATEVER IS BRINGS YOU DOWN, DOWN- Take control and get rid of the stress- WORKOUT!

2. What are you doing for you?! Is life consuming you that you are doing for everyone else and nothing/minimum effort to better yourself!? CHANGE- Take 1 hour a day to do something that helps YOU RELAX!-

3. What is your mood like? Are you edgy because there is something bothering you, something in the back of your head, something you can’t stop thinking about?! TAKE CHARGE AND CHANGE- Move your schedule around, address what is bothering you! DON”T BOTTLE IT UP- Talk to someone if it is something that can be resolved!!! If not WORKOUT THE STRESS!!!



Change your schedule that works better for you! Get the negativity out of your life! AND BE YOU! Set your priorities- do they line up with what you are doing?! If NOT- CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!!!


NEED HELP GETTING MOTIVATED?!!?!? EMAIL ME! nminton24@gmail.com I will help you set your priorities, get motivated, and STAY ON TRACK when life gets in the way! I have lived it and now I want to help others change how they react to what comes in their way of themselves!

Join my Team for Accountability!