#1 Rule I live by…. LOVE your workout

You can be running outside, working out at the gym, taking classes or doing videos… BUT if you don’t LOVE them, you will have no motivation to go, do them, or push your hardest!



I have read several articles as I was reaching some professionals opinions on this topic and saw way to many articles labeled “trick your brain into exercising”. To me, I think it is pretty sad if you have to consciously MAKE yourself workout! Yes we all love our body, some more than others, and yes some of us workout just to look good where others are to feel good and be healthy! It is all up to you WHY you workout… but to LOVE your workout is a key to really succeeding in reaching your goals!

#1: Love your workouts because you should WANT to workout.

  • When you want to workout, you are more likely going to do it when you planned to do it. 
  • When you want to workout, you will not have to be forced or put limitations on the workout. (I can only workout for 20 minutes because I have plans- NOT)
  • When you want to workout, you will do it, with no excuses, and PUSH harder to get it done!

#2: Love your workouts because you should want to PUSH harder.

  • When you Push harder in your workouts, you get results faster.
  • When you push harder in your workouts, you compete against yourself or others.
  • When you push harder in your workouts, you show yourself how motivated you can be to succeed.

#3: Love your workouts because you will be MOTIVATED to workout.

  • When you are motivated to workout, you have no excuses, you do it, and you have an end goal.
  • When you are motivated to workout, you give it your all, you don’t give up, and you see why you started.
  • When you are motivated to workout, you are excited and share your excitement with others.

#4: Love your workouts because you want to see RESULTS.

  • When you want to see results, you workout with one rest day.
  • When you want to see results, you give it 100% and clean up your diet.
  • When you want to see results, you share your goals and success with others.

#5: Love your workouts because you will FEEL better the harder you push.

  • When you feel better, you can be better, get more energy and focus on the end result.
  • When you workout and feel better, you are happy and happier with those around you.
  • When you feel better, you are stronger and more confident which makes you want to workout!


I have found that the gym is not for me, nor do I like long distance workouts! I love to lift heavy weights… WHY? Because I see results, I feel strong, and it make me more confident! The more I like my workouts the more thrilled I am to wake up at 5 am to get it done then to snooze and miss my workout! I don’t have to subconsciously do something else, I make sure I get my workouts in before the kids wake up!


Do you love your workout? Do you need a change in your routine? Message me today so we can discuss what will work for you to get motivated and see results! Sometimes it is a little change in what you are doing that will make the world of a difference!

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What do I do when I have NO Motivation to workout?: CHANGE!

Everyones life get crazy and I can be one to say that happens OFTEN for me! I am a mother of 2 toddlers and my husband works 16 hour days, 5 days a week! I am a stay at home mom- my kids are my number 1 priority, so to say life is a breeze IT IS NOT! BUT I can say that working out has made a HUGE difference in my life!


I use to wait until the kids would go to sleep to workout or wait until my husband came home and that made me CRAZY because my life was depending on something that was NOT consistent! My son napped but my daughter was iffy, it was never the same time or she just wanted to play or watch tv instead of napping! Then finally she just stopped napping- so I had to make changes to my schedule because I was not motivated at 9pm or 4pm after thinking about it ALLL day and it being in the back of my head that “I STILL HAVE TO WORKOUT!” This made me dread working out because it was more like a hassle than an enjoyable stress relief! I would work myself up and I set myself up to fail because I would worry all day about it and almost talk myself out of it before it was even time to press play!


So what did I do?!?! I first teamed up with a few of my best friends and got myself an accountability partner- no we do not workout together, but we workout at our own homes at the same time! SO we decided we were going to text each other at 5:30am and get each other motivated to do our workouts! This WAS THE ONLY WAY I would be able to get my workout in without interruptions! (Yes there are days my kids wake up while I am still working out, but now I have been doing it so long and I’m in a routine- they know it is mommy’s “workout time”) So now my workout is done, shower is done, and I am ready to get breakfast for me started before the kids even wake up! This changed my MOOD DRAMATICALLY! I went from being on edge to easy going! I wasn’t worrying about “when” I’m getting my workout in, I am now thinking about “what am I going to do extra with my kids?”



Working out in the morning has changed my life- It give me more energy, puts me in a better mood, and gives me more time with my #1 PRIORITY!


For those of you who struggle with getting motivated or letting life get in your way of YOU! Think of these few things:

1. How are you feeling? DO you want to change your attitude and physical well being?! THEN DO NOT LET WHATEVER IS BRINGS YOU DOWN, DOWN- Take control and get rid of the stress- WORKOUT!

2. What are you doing for you?! Is life consuming you that you are doing for everyone else and nothing/minimum effort to better yourself!? CHANGE- Take 1 hour a day to do something that helps YOU RELAX!-

3. What is your mood like? Are you edgy because there is something bothering you, something in the back of your head, something you can’t stop thinking about?! TAKE CHARGE AND CHANGE- Move your schedule around, address what is bothering you! DON”T BOTTLE IT UP- Talk to someone if it is something that can be resolved!!! If not WORKOUT THE STRESS!!!



Change your schedule that works better for you! Get the negativity out of your life! AND BE YOU! Set your priorities- do they line up with what you are doing?! If NOT- CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!!!


NEED HELP GETTING MOTIVATED?!!?!? EMAIL ME! nminton24@gmail.com I will help you set your priorities, get motivated, and STAY ON TRACK when life gets in the way! I have lived it and now I want to help others change how they react to what comes in their way of themselves!

Join my Team for Accountability!