My Progress: Motivate the Mind to Motivate the Body!

I have been on my journey for about 2 1/2 years and every time I look at my Day 1 picture it seriously motivates me to PUSH Harder, Become Stronger, and to be HAPPY!me- pre p90x


The day I decided to jump on the Beachbody Bandwagon was when I hit rock bottom, I was MISERABLE, Depressed, and super Sad because I let my body get to this point without doing anything to change! I was taking my anger and frustration with myself out on everyone else around me, people that did not deserve it and were there to help me! I took the leap of faith and bought P90X off of an informercial with a credit card and on the payment plan because 1 I did not have the money and 2 I was not sure this was even going to work for me! 2 years later (after failing twice I decided it was time to go in full force) So I had a support group that helped me, supported me, and gave me advice to stay on track! (Now we call them Support/Challenge Groups). I got so much support that i needed to share this with everyone! So i did my duty as a Beachbody Coach and recruited other Mommas to join me on my journey!


Fast Forward 2 years and I have never felt better! I have completed 90% of beachbody’s programs, There are several from low-high intensity, 10 min- and hour+, and from dance to weights! There is a program for everyone and with the help of Shakeology, the nutrition, and our support groups,  you are guaranteed to get the results you want in the time frame of the program!

d1-813 progress

This is my progress thus far! 168lbs to 138lbs…. and MANY MANY MANY inches off! Look at the face if nothing else! Depressed to HAPPY!!!! Crazy to see how my body and mind have transformed other the years and how much I can help others out there because I have been there and done that!

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Richard says,” I am in better shape now than when I served!”

Meet Richard R. He won $500 for this amazing transformation!



Here’s the deal: When soda, fast food, and high sugar snacks are staples in your diet, you’re gonna get fat. And that’s exactly how I ballooned to over 230 pounds. Sure I went on “diets” over the years, and once I actually even got below 190, but I’ve consistently weighed over 200 for the vast majority of my adult life. I wasn’t happy with my health, or how my body looked, but eventually I just accepted that I was always going to be one of the fat guys.

Taking my shirt off in public was always an embarrassing act of humility and I grew a full beard to hide my lack of a defined jawline. I’ve been on cholesterol and acid reflux medications for years due to my ever-expanding belly and poor diet. On one recent check-up the doctor called me obese—I was furious and wanted to call him much worse. Unfortunately, he was right and I knew it. The reality was, I was barely 40 and ridiculously unhealthy. I had a wonderful wife and two beautiful young children at home and what kind of example was I setting for them? What would happen to my family if I were no longer around? And how much longer could I really sustain this lifestyle? I didn’t like the answers to those questions so I took on the challenge to change.

First I did P90X and my confidence in what I could accomplish soared. Next up was P90X2 then LES MILLS COMBAT. I couldn’t get enough! I kept hearing how tough INSANITY was, and since I’m all about tough these days I said, “Bring it on!” INSANITY was great at pushing me beyond my limits and expectations. It allowed me to modify as needed while constantly pushing me to do better. The mix of cardiovascular work and resistance exercises gave me the exact kind of improvement in my fitness that I always dreamed about. I also drank Shakeology and there’s no doubt that it boosted my energy while helping me effectively balance my nutrition. Shakeology’s the perfect supplement for those who struggle to eat their veggies.

Today I weigh 170, am a lot less round, and have surpassed most of my goals. My friends ask me where the rest of me went and I say, “Beachbody baby!” And even though I’m smaller than I’ve ever been I’m actually much stronger. I’ve always dreamed of abs and now they’re looking back at me in the mirror. I’ve cut my body fat from 30% down to 12% and have impressed my doctor so much that he isn’t calling me obese anymore, that’s for sure. All my meds have been cut in half and if I maintain my stats through the fall, I get to ditch the pills altogether.

Thanks to Beachbody, I feel great in mind, body, and spirit. I’m now a Beachbody Coach and love helping others achieve what I just did. My self-esteem is through the roof and it’s fantastic to hear people marvel in disbelief at my improved appearance. Losing weight the Beachbody way is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and now instead of being the fat guy, I’ve turned into one of the fittest people around—and it feels great!

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Transformation Thursday: Susan A. Beachbody Success!

When you combine a powerful WHY with the power of Team Beachbody, you get this:

“I can’t tell you how much my life has changed. I am a happier person. I have so much more energy now. I love myself more and value myself more. My relationships have improved because I feel better about myself. And my cardiologist says there’s no need for cholesterol medications anymore.” – Susan A, $500 Beachbody Challenge winner for August 6, 2013.



No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you’re still ahead of everyone who isn’t trying!

Don’t fear failure, CHALLENGE YOURSELF!

Stephanie S. Daily Beachbody WInner

I love to see success stories like these because people don’t think it is possible to reach goals when you use a “low impact” or shorter workout, or weights “bulk you up.” Stephanie Shows you that you can drop weight and tone with any program as long as you stay consistent!


“Back fat. Flabby arms. Cellulite on my legs. I hated my appearance and was far from where I wanted to be. To make matters worse, I was taking steroids for an autoimmune disease and had no energy at all. Then, one day, I saw a picture of how in-shape I was in high school. That’s when I knew something had to change.

I contacted a friend who was a Beachbody Coach. Since I’m all about the quick fix, I chose the six-week program, Slim in 6®. I lost 17 pounds! I also loved working out to the motivational music of LES MILLS PUMP. Another HUGE part of my success is Shakeology®. It gives me more energy and I will never stop using it.

Now I’m so much happier with my body. I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, and am finally able to wear a bikini again. Best of all, I’ve changed my way of thinking. Working out is now part of my day—not a chore!”

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