2015 will be here before we know it…. Whats your New Years Resolution?

Do you set Goals for yourself each year? Do you set New Years Resolutions? Or do you just go with the flow and see where each day takes you?

I would love to get some feedback from you on what you expect and what your expectations are for the upcoming new year!!!! 

2015 is here and we are all setting goals or new years resolutions on how to reach our health and fitness goals, where do we start, how do we get there, i just want to lose weight- these are all very common concerns! Now you can reach your goals with my help- lets get started, take this quick survey so I can help you!


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Goal Setting: How do you do it- Step by Step

How do you set goals? What are your goals? How will you achieve these goals?

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Step 1: create a goal with your priorities (top 3 priorities)

– familyFamily, Mom, Happy, Life, $10k weekly income with Beachbody, beachbody, beachbody coach, commission, mlm, network marketing, help others, income, success, business, work at home, stay at home mom, motivation, inspiration
– faith

Step2: be specific with top 3

-family: having a financially free, secure future, and be presently engaged
– faith: regularly attend church and get involved with a small group (to be able to spread the message) 
– fitness: to be in the best shape of my life and to help coaches and challengers to be the same
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Step3: decide (idealize what you want 1 year from now) you have everything you need, $$$- resources- time

– what would you like to have, attainable goals (10 goals)

1. Paid off $451,000 in debt ($33k in CC, $68k car, $210k in student loan, $140k house)
2. Saved $20,000 per kid for future
3. Paid for family vacation to beach /exotic place
4.  Helped 10 coaches hit Diamond
5. Helped 5 coaches hit star Diamond
6. Put Giavonna in Dance/ Singing Lessons
7. Put Neyko in Karate/ Tae Kwon Do and Hockey
8. I joined a small group at church
9. I got my cosmetic surgery
10. I have started a plan to retire Chris (getting medical insurance and finances in order) 
(*top 3, ** next to #1)
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Do you Know how you are going to achieve the goals you set out for yourself???? I will use Beachbody to help me succeed!

Are you interested in becoming a beachbody coach and earning money to achieve your financial goals???

Are you 100% committed?

Whether you are in the corporate world or in you are in the Beachbody world, you have goals, places you want to go, and things you want to achieve right? Well ask yourself, Am I committed? Am I 100% in? Am I doing the daily activities that I want my team to do to succeed?

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What is holding you back? I know for myself I am holding myself back, my fear of success, fear of failure, I could be further if I didn’t get comfortable! Being ok with where I am is one thing but not helping lead my team is something different! I want to help my team succeed, so I have to grow in that area!

If you have followers, you need to be 100%, 100% of the time… you need to show them the struggles you go through, you need to be real, and you need to lead by example— It’s do as I do… not just do as I say!

Holding an accountability  group has helped me stay 100% on track! Writing down my goals, sharing them, asking for advice, and leading my team by leading myself in the right direction! It may look pretty, and it may not feel good at that moment— but if that is what you want and what you need to do then DO IT!

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do you need help reaching goals? health and fitness or beachbody business? Comment below or contact me! fb.com/nikki.kubanminton  nminton24@gmail.com