Goal Setting: How do you do it- Step by Step

How do you set goals? What are your goals? How will you achieve these goals?

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Step 1: create a goal with your priorities (top 3 priorities)

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– faith

Step2: be specific with top 3

-family: having a financially free, secure future, and be presently engaged
– faith: regularly attend church and get involved with a small group (to be able to spread the message) 
– fitness: to be in the best shape of my life and to help coaches and challengers to be the same
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Step3: decide (idealize what you want 1 year from now) you have everything you need, $$$- resources- time

– what would you like to have, attainable goals (10 goals)

1. Paid off $451,000 in debt ($33k in CC, $68k car, $210k in student loan, $140k house)
2. Saved $20,000 per kid for future
3. Paid for family vacation to beach /exotic place
4.  Helped 10 coaches hit Diamond
5. Helped 5 coaches hit star Diamond
6. Put Giavonna in Dance/ Singing Lessons
7. Put Neyko in Karate/ Tae Kwon Do and Hockey
8. I joined a small group at church
9. I got my cosmetic surgery
10. I have started a plan to retire Chris (getting medical insurance and finances in order) 
(*top 3, ** next to #1)
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Do you Know how you are going to achieve the goals you set out for yourself???? I will use Beachbody to help me succeed!

Are you interested in becoming a beachbody coach and earning money to achieve your financial goals???



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