Take Pictures.. See your Change

Something that I have found in the 2 years that I have been working out and being a Beachbody coach, is that pictures are key! Taking pictures to see you progress is something that we all hate to do, but need to do! Even if we take the pictures and save them somewhere on our computer where no one can find them!

79de32c25d6c11e2808622000a1f9aaf_5 Tip #9: We all start somewhere in our journey! We never start where we want to be and we always have to work hard to understand what is possible! Pushing through each workout every day, makes you stronger and a better person! It gets you closer to your goals! How will you feel when you get to where you want to be?


It is a journey and every step is a learning process! You learn, you search for more ideas and how to stay accountable! There are many ways to go about a journey! You can take your pictures and work at your pace, you can join groups and work as a team, or you can take a run for it and be the leader and example for others!


When starting your journey you do not want to show any one your pictures and that is fine, but taking them is a huge difference!!! The scale may not go down and then you wonder why is the scale not going down but my closer are getting bigger and looser right????It is hard sometimes when you don’t see the scale # going down! But always remember, muscle and fat weigh the same but muscle takes up less space!!!!!!

The best way to gauge your transformation is by ignoring the scale.Remember, as we build lean muscle, we actually gain weight. So the best way to determine how we’re doing is by how our clothes fit, how we look, and how we feel. Not by how much we weigh.

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 9.03.42 AMSeeing the change make a huge difference in the way you continue your journey and make a new YOU!

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Measuring Success and Progress: Throw the scale AWAY!

One thing I have found myself doing in the beginning of my journey was getting on the scale EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! Noticing my body would lose 2 lbs and gain 3… lose 4, gain 0… It was always a roller coaster when I would step on the scale! I had to make a commitment with myself that I would only weight in on Saturday (one day a week). This way I would see how I felt throughout the week, stay on track each day and push hard to see the results on Saturday!




I was not only weighing myself on saturday’s, but I would also measure and see if any inches were lost! There were some weeks I would not lose weight but would lose inches and vice versa! Weight loss journey is more than what the number on the scale says, it is about how you look and feel! If you are Eating the recommended CLEAN calories, working out daily, and drinking plenty of water- you will lose weight and inches!




I have found over the last 2 years, that muscle weighs the same as fat but takes up less space! When you are working out, whether it is lifting weights of cardio- you will be gaining muscle, muscle burns fat and in return helps you lose inches but not necessarily weight! This is why I started taking my progress pictures weekly and measuring my success by how clothes fit! So I saved an outfit from when I was in college (NOT SURE WHY) but finally 6 years, 2 kids, and 80+ lbs gained later…… I tried them on! GUESS WHAT IT FIT!!!!




its not always how much you weigh, it is how you feel, and what you look like! It you are happy in your skin you will glow- it will show how healthy you are making your lifestyle!


What is your “progress outfit”? Do you have an outfit or pair of jeans that you would DIE to fit into?


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Take Aways:

1. Throw the scale away when you are starting a fitness journey (or hide it daily and do weekly weigh ins)

2. Plan for success- take it day by day and get help staying on track

3. Find a way that will help you measure your success and progress with your workout regimen!