21 Day Challenge: Lose Weight, Get Fit, Feel Great! Portion Control and Short Workouts!

What better way to get fit and feel great than a 21 day challenge with Portion Control and 30 minute workouts? If losing weight is your desire or just getting your eating in control this is the PERFECT program for you!


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This Program is designed for simple nutrition, easy on the go and prep work, and fast results! It is only 21 days and it only takes 21 days to form a habit, who doesn’t love that!?! Check out the click and Video from my last blog on the 21 Day Fix!

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My next challenge will be March 17th and it will only be 21 days! You have OPTIONS =)

#1: You can go with the 21 day fix: You get containers to portion out your food, you get the DVD’s for the 30 minute workouts, and 1 month of SHAKEOLOGY!

#2: The Ultimate Reset: 21 days of a detox meal plan and supplements, go from animal protein to vegan while ridding your body of all toxins and bringing your body to your original state! here are my results

#3: Any of the Beachbody Programs with me as your coach plus Shakeology, just for the first 21 days! You have many options here from 10 min- an hour, low intensity to high, from 30 days to 90…. The choice is in your hands! What do you want to achieve? Message me and we will pick the PERFECT program for you!

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Happiness is in the heart… you want to get fit and healthy to make yourself happy? I know I did… I had to change my mindset to make that happen!


Challenge yourself for 21 days…. the worst that can happen is you don’t change, OR  you form a better lifestyle for you and your family!


Fill out this application if you want change… If you aren’t ready TODAY when will you be? Lets chat and get to know your goals and what you are capable of! I know your body can do more than your mind is telling you =)




M.A.B.B. Challenge: Mom’s Against the Baby Bulge: Get your Body Back!

Get your body back MOM’s CHALLENGE!

Ok mommies out there! My next challenge is directly targeted towards mothers who are struggling
to get their pre-baby bodies back! We may never have the exact same body that we had before
giving birth, oh wait let me rephrase! You certainly will never get the same body back as you had pre
pregnancy but we are going to redefine your body and give you that toned, sculpted and hot shape that
you want back in the worst way! So you next question is HOW?

With me as your beachbody coach and an exclusive beachbody challenge group! As a mother of 2 young
children I know how hard it is to find time to eat healthy and exercise. So I created this challenge group
for all of you mothers out there who need specialized support and guidance to keep you accountable to
reaching your health and fitness goals. Each and every day we will hold each other accountable through
a closed facebook support group, text and email! There will be open communication and a chance for
you to pick my brain for all those healthy tips that have worked for me! I have lost 15 lbs and 6 inches around my waist since April 2011 and I can truly say that the challenge groups are the way to go! It’s a nice way to workout in the privacy of your own home, on your own time and you don’t have to worry about dragging the kids to the gym everyday!

Are you ready to hang up the MOM JEANS forever and purchase that great pair of skinny jeans that fit
just perfectly? Then make the commitment today to join my challenge group starting Monday January
30, 2012 and commit to getting fit over the next 90 days! Just in time to pull out your shorts and
bathing suits for the summer!




What does this challenge require from you?

1. You commit to completing a fitness program of your choice. I can help you pick the program that best suits your needs.

2. You commit to replacing 1 meal per day with Shakeology. Healthy nutrition is key to success in any weight loss and fitness program. When you add Shakeology as part of your daily routine you will feel the effects in your workouts, daily life, and you overall physical and mental well being! It’s so much more than a slim fast, its equivalent to eating 6 salads in one meal.

3. You commit to showing up each and every day for your workouts and being a supporter and
encourager in the group!


If you say to yourself, “I can do these things” then message me today to reserve your spot! Only 5 moms will be accepted and its first come first serve!




Take The Challenge!