Courage: You are 10x more Capable than you THINK!

Nothing worth having comes easy! Take chances, challenge yourself, and make habits! You are worth the change in your life so work for it! Never settle for less! Your great rewards are going to be the toughest challenges!????


It’s Monday and most of us dislike Monday because we have to go to work… If you are sitting at a desk job wondering there must be something better than working for someone else and wondering when the next raise will come! Stop waisting time wondering and ask because there is a better opportunity out there!!! ????

I love Monday!!! Today is Day 1 for my Back to Fitness Challenge group (48 STRONG) and my August Coach Camp (11 brand new coaches ready to get the step by step to a successful and rewarding business) I am feeling INSPIRED!!! ????


Nothing worth having comes easy… When you work for something, see results,   the reward is more enjoyable!!!! You cannot think a transformation is going to happen over night or that you are going to make a million dollars in one year! It takes time, practice, and patience!


Change your THOUGHTS. Change your HABITS. Change your LIFE!  When you change how you think of things and the outcome of your actions, your habits begin to form into the right way instead of the way you have been going! Once you get into a habit of healthy living and healthy mindset your life will change tremendously!


I have been a Beachbody coach for 2 years and I would be lying if I said getting to where I am today was easy… IT WAS NOT! I had struggles and plateaus, I had days where I felt like I was failing my coaches and challengers, and days where I was unworthy of all the success I have achieved! But knowing the support was there I gave up negative and got some courage to build myself day in and day out to make myself know I WAS WORTH and capable of amazing thing- NO ONE was going to design me I WAS! I make my destiny and plan my families future with the actions I take DAILY!


Believe in yourself! Transform your life and Make your DREAMS a reality!


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