Insanity Challenge Pack Promo for April- 60 day program

How many of you have heard of Insanity or saw the informercials on TV and said “WOW, that looks crazy intense!” ? I know I have, but when I did it, I LOVED IT!!!! This is one of the many programs Beachbody has to offer and is a GREAT cardio program! It is all done at home and in the comfort of your space! FOR THIS MONTH ONLY IT IS $25 off, a TOTAL of $93 in savings!!!! Summer is only a few weeks away =)

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What is it?

INSANITY® is a 60-day cardio- based total-body conditioning program that’s the most intense workout ever put on

DVD. Fitness expert Shaun T drew on his collegiate track and field training, plus his subsequent years of experience as an elite trainer, to create a program that takes total-body conditioning to an extreme level.

Just as P90X is the height of resistance training, INSANITY is the pinnacle of cardio training.


Why is it effective?

Interval training allows you to beat the “stress adaptation response,” which is what happens when your body gets used to exercising at one level of exertion and stops improving. An interval workout includes a set where you perform at your maximum, followed by one of lower intensity, with the cycle repeated to achieve a cumulative effect.

INSANITY uses MAX Interval Training, which replaces your moderate- intensity exercise with maximum-intensity exercise, and your short intervals of intensity with short periods of rest. Adding high-intensity exercise, during which your heart rate increases to 80 percent or more of its maximum capacity, forces your body to use fast-twitch muscle fibers not normally engaged in cardio exercise. These fast-twitch fibers continue burning extra fuel even during lower-intensity exercise.

INSANITY’s high-intensity activity is likely to have you working out at over 85 percent of your maximum capacity, instead of the lower rate recommended in other programs. As a result, you’ll experience faster increases in fitness and more efficient burning of carbohydrates and fat—as much as 1,000 calories per hour.

What can it do for you?

INSANITY pushes you beyond what you thought was possible with explosive cardio and plyometric drills and nonstop intervals of strength, power, and resistance. Additional ab and core training techniques will help you transform your body in just 60 days.

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Beachbody Challenge Packs are the complete package, offering total support for achieving health and fitness goals. The formula? Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success. With the Insanity Challenge pack, customers will receive the Insanity fitness program, one of four delicious Shakeology flavors, and a FREE 30-day trial membership to the Team Beachbody Club, where customers will find all the support they’ll need to complete The Challenge!

Are you ready to take the challenge??? Message me NOW so we can get you started with one of the BIGGEST and Best cardio program out there!!! I promise you will not regret your results =)

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Mareena’s Beachbody Transformation

What amazing results!!! 150 days of daily activity and shakeology made these changes!!! P90X= Intense THEN Insanity=INSANE is called dedication and driven to the goals that want to be reached! You Can do what you put your MIND and BODY to! Stay Positive and GET SUPPORT!

NEW YEARS is 29 Days AWAY, what will YOU do this year? The same Resolution as last year? When will it get old? “Lose weight and Be healthy!” CHANGE TODAY AND START YOUR JOURNEY SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE THIS RESOLUTION FOR 2014 AS WELL!!!


My Husband-Chris Minton’s Beachbody Journey

My Husband started with Insanity in July 2011 after watching me do a round of P90X and really BELIEVING the programs worked! He started with Insanity and started fresh, cut pop completely out of his diet and in month 1-30 days- he dropped 30lbs! He did not follow any other diet- he still ate how he wanted, just cut pop out! Then month 2 he started to watch what he was eating and limited the pizza and hoagies, fried food, and fast food. He started  to tone on top of losing weight!


After Insanity we did a P90X/ Insanity Hybrid while we waited for P90X-2, January 1st was our start date! While doing the hybrid, Chris lost another 10 lbs! And REALLY got serious about he was eating! He started drinking shakeology daily, a salad while at work, and a lean meat meat with Veggies at home! We would only have a starch or carb once or twice a week, and always had fruits and veggies! The hardest part was the holidays and going to houses that did not have such healthy selections- but we made it through the holidays and his results are here to show…


Once the holidays were over and our P90X-2 had arrived- we were ready to start!!!!! P90X-2 was a way to help us get stronger!!! It helped with our performance and helped us show ourselves we were stronger than we thought! Eating had stayed pretty clean with 1 cheat meal a week- it was our dinner out night! My husband works pretty crazy hours so we only had 1 evening as a family so we would take the kids our to a play house, bowling, or the park and get dinner! So even with his crazy work hours, he managed to wake up at 5-5:30am every day to get his workout in before work! If you would have asked him in July 2011 if he would ever wake up early to get a workout in- he would have called you crazy! Well I can say he is CRAZY about his health and fitness now, so if it means wake up at 4:30a because he works at 7a he will do it, or workout at 12midnight and wake up at 5:30a he would do it! I AM SOOOO PROUD OF HIM!!!!!!


This is not the final product- he is on to Insanity Asylum/ P90X hybrid because he wants to bulk up instead of losing anymore weight!

I am sooo proud of how far he has come from Day 1- not only Physically, but MENTALLY! He now realizes how important it is to be healthy and eat the right things- 1 to show our kids the importance of being health but also 2 to be able to do his job 100% and not get out ran but someone!

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