So as you all see I haven’t posted since May 29th, WEIRD for me because I post at least once a week.. Well I was having work done on my website and switched things around, that in return erased a few posted Items… I got busy with the trip out to Vegas for Beachbody Coach summit (WHAT A BLAST) and then 2 weeks at the beach! (in the middle of my 2nd week now) SO, I am throwing excuses away and making a promise to post for you all! I will post with recipes, tips, advice, whatever you ask for! So don’t forget to leave me your comments =)



Monday will be MOTIVATION

Tuesday will be TIPS for the Readers (whatever you ask for)

Wednesday will be WILD (something I feel that is in need for you all)

Thursday will be TRANSFORMATION Thursday

Friday will be FOOD: Recipes I use or I will be using!!!


***If you want something special you need to request it =) I love helping my challengers with their needs which means I am probably helping others as well!


Recap from the last few months! Fitness: I did Insanity/ Chalean Extreme hybrid leading up to Vegas in June- Results were great! 1017668_604054848267_647944542_n

I am now doing T25, on week 5 super excited for my results to be reviled! I lost 8lb within the first week (4 of which I gained in Vegas) But I feel stronger and more toned than before I started and its nuts to say this is all happening with a 25 min a day/ 5 day a week program! YES that excited me!!!!! We have a new Vanilla Shakeology out now that tastes like Vanilla Bean or Cake Batter as I like to think =)


Business: We were in Vegas for 7 days and I learnt a lot for my business, was treated as a queen as being an elite coach we got a ton of special treatments! (Floor seating, Desserts, 1st to look into the C.O.R.E, and much more!!!!) I advanced to 5 star diamond which is a HUGE milestone in the beachbody Business and that excited me =) Business is great- my leaders are emerging and ROCKING it out by helping people reach their health and fitness goals =) The amazing thing about this business is I get paid to help people, I LOVE what I do and each and every day I wake up and CANNOT wait to check in with my amazing coaches and challengers to see what they have going on today or the night before!


Family: My kiddos are growing up faster than I could imagine!!! We finished the school year out and My daughter will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall and Son 2nd year of Preschool!!! It is hard to believe he is only 3- he is diving, doing back flips, and swimming in the deep (5-8ft) of the swimming pool! They love the beach, sand, and jumping waves!!! Both love throwing tantrums because they are spoiled but I love my kids and don’t want to wish these years away!!! 2 kids 3 and 5, all while i’m only 26! LOVE IT! Love growing up with them, they are teaching me more than I think I teach them!!!


thumbs_539595_290805927685469_2101213962_nFaith: My faith has been tested throughout the months of how much I put into God and how much I trust him with my life! I have had to sit down and say a prayer several times to ask God if this was truly my life that he has chosen for me? I did not know why I was given this life; the health, happiness, and financial rewards of being a Beachbody Coach, the endless days of no patience with my marriage and kids, and the fulfill meant of getting through everything thrown at me! Yes my life is complicated at times, do I stop to thank God for everything I have because there are many people out there that have nothing! I sure do! I surrendered my life to him, he has my life in his hands, he will tell me what i will lose and what I will gain in this life! I am blessed to have the family and friends in my life that I do! I and very grateful for my faith and the way of being about to use the negativity to my advantage to ask God to help me through!




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Why I invested into MY FUTURE….


I have always been the “big boned” “skinny fat” girl that played athletics all her life but had to work to stay smaller (size 6 was my smallest) until I went to college and did nothing and started taking diet pills and became anorexic and bulimic (very disappointed in myself for getting there but it happened) and I can admit now that it was a horrible way to try to be skinny! So after college I got pregnant at 20 with my daughter and gained 76lbs and weighted in at 200lbs the day I delivered her… I went to the gym and got down to 138 in 7months and then found out I was pregnant with my son… Got back to 200lbs the day I delivered him as well…But the weight would not come off and so one night I saw the informercial for P90X and I ordered it- I said I have tried everything else why not try this, so many people are finding success… So I did it for 4 weeks and quit a year later and 5lbs gone a friend messaged me and said she became a coach and was wondering if I wanted to try shakeology– I pondered for a month or so and said you know what I have P90X and I see people are losing weight with this shake I’m going to try it, I was so depressed with what I saw in the mirror, who I was and I was completely uncomfortable in my own skin I could not believe I let myself go and did not join an accountablity group sooner- I went all in on accountability and joined as a coach to stay motivated… We started a challenge group and I did the full 90 days and lost 20lbs and went from a size 8/10 to a 4 and then followed that by Insanity and lost another pant size! Since than I have completed P90X2, ChaLEAN Extreme, Insanity Asylum, started doing Tai Cheng (because I have a neck injury and was told not to do high intensity but got cleared) so I am starting round 2 of ChaLEAN Extreme and could NOT be happier.. In 4 days I have lost 3.5lbs and feel AMAZING, so much energy and momentum to PUSH HARDER!!!  I have gained 10lbs of muscle in the past year, after Insanity and I am currently 136lbs and muscle and can say I’m pretty confident in who I am today!!!


So before I started actually “coaching” I was an Office Manager for my dad and then a Full Time Substitute Teacher, as you may know teachers and office managers do not make a WONDERFUL pay, BUT I was getting by, I paid my bills; student loans (after having to defer them for hardship), gas to get to and from work, groceries so my family could eat, and try to make the minimum payment on my credit cards (racked up debt while in college and not having a job them a baby that needed cared for).. YES my husband is in the picture and has a FT job but he was paying for the mortgage and house bills amongst health insurance, car insurance, house insurance… EVERYTHING ELSE! Well it was a struggle because I was putting my Shakeology and Business Fee of 15.95 on a credit card so that I would stay active, I had my husband become a coach to rank advance (money expenses paid out) and I was putting our financial situation at jeopardy… Finally 8 months after I became a Coach I was seeing a return, people were trusting in me and knowing that my transformation changed my life that I could help them change theirs! now 17 months after signing up I am close to another rank advancement and making DOUBLE what I would have being a teacher in the public schools. I am hoping that April 2016 (5 years as a coach) that my husband will be able to retire and be a stay at home dad- take and pick the kids up from school, take them to practice, coach them, and NEVER miss any milestones!!!! I AM SO PASSIONATE IN THIS JOB IT IS UNREAL!!!! I want to help so many others become FINANCIALLY FREE, if you can relate in any way CONTACT ME!!!