80/20 Rule to Fitness Success

The BEST PART of this whole experience with Beachbody is that I FINALLY FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF and FEEL ACCOMPLISHED, especially when my girls let me know that they “like” what I have to share with them! When I joined Beachbody it was to Lose weight—- but I have gained some of the BEST friends a girl could have ever asked for!!!!

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Fuel your body with what it needs, 80% of the battle when losing weight and getting lean muscle is eating right! Each day you are able to make small choices that can build you up, or break ya down! So be smart about where you want to go in life!

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80% of your body image is due to Nutrition, 10% workout, and 10% is genetic! What are you eating? What did you have for breakfast? With 80% of your body image being what you eat, make sure you are eating the right foods!  Shakeology has all the nutrients you need… 1 shake = 5 salads… WHO wants to eat 5 salads when you can have ONE DRINK!

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One person I truly learnt from with the 80/20 rule is Chalene Johnson! If you focus 80% of your time and energy on being 100% committed to your nutrition and fitness, then that 20% that you cheat or miss a workout, you will be ok! but if you go over the 80/20 to 70/30 or even 50/50 your results are not going to happen as fast as they normally would! What would you rather- life time results or that instant gratification???


Join my next challenge group and learn what I have over the past 4 years! Support+ Fitness+ Nutrition = SUCCESS!!!! Be the person you have always wanted to be!



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