Do you volunteer to be behind the camera when it comes to taking pictures? When was the last time you felt confident with the kiddos in a picture? 

Do you buy a size bigger so you don’t have the muffin top or the longer shirts to cover up when your pants let the junk hang out? 

Do you feel anxious to give yourself time to work on you? Find it hard to find time and workout? 

Do you say “I’ll start Monday”, how many times have you done that since January 1st?

Well mom to mom… I feel you, 100%! Being 1 year postpartum I find myself questioning all the things- clothes sizes- hiding behind the camera- even wearing things that are way too big!

I was miserable and tired… exhausted and cranky… who wants to keep hiding? Who wants to always be tired? I want to be confident… I want to be the best role model for my kiddos!

I joined my first group 6 years ago on the 21st! I put all my faith in my coach and the support system I had! ? Shakeology and P90X… healthy eating and accountability ??

I gained my confidence… lost 32lbs and many inches- went from a 10/12 to a 2/4… it was amazing! It was so rewarding and such a confidence booster!

Well moms… Summer is coming and I am opening a MOMKINI group— let’s get ready to get in our swimsuits! ?

I am looking for 15 women… only 15 to personally mentor, support, and help every step of the way… I will help you pick your program, help create your meal plan, and help you daily push through your obstacles! We only have 10 spots left!

The timing won’t ever be right… so what do you think? You ready to feel confident in your skin?

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If you are considering joining- click this link! Fill me out!

Core de Force week 2 update…

Core De Force is the BOMB!!! It is my new favorite workout! I get soo excited to wake up and workout! While the workouts are great, my nutrition has been ok, and I am still seeing results! I celebrated a 30th birthday and thanksgiving within the first 15 days and still managed to lose 4.1 lbs and 2.5 inches around my body! These are my before and current pictures… 

Core De Force, Progress, Fitness, Beachbody

You can find my meal plan here. Along with that the other change I made was wearing a post baby belly band. Picture below- but what it does is helps me hold my core in while working out- being postpartum almost 9 months now- I knew I needed some change for my body to change. I have been working out every day since being cleared at 6 weeks post baby… but my body would not change- i would barely lose lbs (i think a total of 6 in 8 months) and lost a good amount of inches… but nothing consistent! I finally feel this program will help the drop consistently- which is what we need to see to stick to it right?

Core De Force, Progress, Fitness, Beachbody, Belly Band, Postpartum, baby 3


As I finish this first round of Core De Force, I will clean up my diet- I will add warm lemon water to my morning routine, and I will be on the look out for more support and challengers to go side by side with me!

Are you looking for support in your fitness journey? I AM! JOIN ME!