What has helped so many SUCCEED in their health and fitness journey?

“How many of us had tried this “diet” thing several times before and they just never worked?! Or we have had to find the right “MOTIVATION” to keep us on track? What was the “it” or plan that has kept you here?!” This is the question I had asked in my Challenge groups and the responses have been heart felt and consistent through out… Here is what they have to say:


“”It” has been the great friendships that I never expected to form by eating egg whites and whole wheat flour…if I quit now, I lose everyday giggles with some pretty fantastic people…and before I feel like quitting, someone is posting something about exactly how I feel & I realize we are in it together, or someone posts a fun recipe or shows off their polar & I want to he a part of it…I did weight watchers and other “programs” that focuses on the scale and not whole health…i did pulls that left me jittery and unhealthy…i have magic sprinkles in my cabitbet…I have low fat this and sugar sub that and low cal chemical whatever…I have firming cream an belly melting belt and gadgets that I can’t even figure out how to use…none f it worked because I never learned the key to healthful living through these shortcuts (some if which are dangerous).thanks to you guys, I have changed my health for the better–and made friends, which can’t help but change the spirit “-Karen

“Community and support. No one can do it alone. Especially if you don’t feel like you know what you’re doing. I know I never did. Even if I did all the research I was constantly questioning myself, and I’d get so discouraged when I didn’t see results. Community is doing it for me. People I can talk to and ask questions. It has made ever single bit of difference. Yeah i get support but that doesn’t stop my boyfriend from eating my favorite junk foods in front of me because he can. He does hide it thigh so it’s not staring me in the face when I open a cabinet. Its hard. But that’s why the challenge group and my coach work for me.” Morgan Rose

“For me, the Ultimate Reset has been a life changer! I almost threw in the towel and gave up because I couldn’t get that dang scale to move. I haven’t weighed myself yet because I want to weight until I am done, start week 3 tomorrow. BUT I feel lighter, better and I have a better understanding of food. And of course the support of the challenge groups is awesome otherwise I probably would’ve given up a few months ago.” Kelly L.

” I tried to diet so many times. I just ended up starving myself and then gaining all the weight back. I guess the definition of a “yo-you dieter” I now realize that it just isn’t a fad. You must change your whole lifestyle if you want to be healthy. I’m in it for the long haul now. Support sure does help! Its harder to give up if you have people backing you. I don’t have home support either….my parents talk about eating healthy then eat chicken wings and fries with gravy lol I’m trying with my dad BC he has a heart condition and needs to eat better. ” Dara

“Thank you all for posting! It makes me feel like choosing this is the best way to learn to be better,healthier, stronger.” Dar N.

“I don’t have much or any home support, I think that’s a big part of my challenge or prob….. I got a compliment today which gave me a shove and realize I’ve come so far I can’t stop now!!” Colleen G.

“Working out is the “IT” for me. I refuse to undo all of my hard work by eating crap. If I don’t workout, it’s easier to not care what I eat.” Amy A.

These are all from ladies in my challenges right now and they speak from their heart on what has helped them and what will keep them going! The support of being in a group even if they have never met eachother =) The power of SUPPORT!!!

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