What is better to burn fat, Weights or Cardio? The Answer is here…

So many clients come to be and say, “I don’t want to lift because I am afraid I am going to bulk up!” Well yes that is a concern for many, but if you follow a program the way it should be followed- MUSCLE BURNS FAT and you will slim down and lean out!

One of my Favorite Transformations- Lindsay Matway

The Answer from Livestrong.com

When it comes to burning off fat, weights have an edge over cardio.

There’s a common misperception that resistance training can’t work your cardiovascular system, but ask anyone who’s ever performed a 20-rep set of squats if his heart rate is elevated. It will be.

Technically speaking, anything that elevates your heart rate is “cardio.” Traditional steady-state cardio (think running a 5K, using the elliptical machine, or doing step aerobics) can be beneficial in terms of fat loss — at least for a while. But your body adapts to any stress placed on it. Over time, the work required to, say, run a 5K will decrease as your fitness improves. Diminishing returns kicks in. What once took 20 minutes to burn X number of calories will take 30 minutes, and then 40 minutes and so on.

With weights, on the other hand, you can stave off this effect by varying your exercises to keep your body guessing. You can change things up by adding resistance, decreasing rest time, increasing the number of reps you do or changing the order of your exercises. All of these things prevent your body from hitting a plateau, boosting your ability to burn fat.

Lifting weights also increases your lean muscle mass, which further increases metabolism at rest. That means you’ll be burning more calories throughout the day


One of my favorite programs is Chalean Extreme, It is a weights program and DEFINITELY WORKS! “Get ready to burn fat, boost your metabolism, and get LEAN with ChaLEAN Extreme®, my new, clinically proven fat loss system that uses cardio and resistance training in a brand-new way to get you better results in less time. Now you can burn up to 60% of your body fat in just 3 months and see visible results every 30 days—GUARANTEED!”


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Lindsay is a very loving, caring, and passionate human being that I was blessed to meet and become very close friends with! She is a wonderful friend, coach, wife, and Mother to a handsome little guy =) She has been on her Beachbody journey for 9 months now (a coach for 18 months- 9 months of learning and sharing), Lindsay has done P90X, ChaLEAN EXtreme, and The Ultimate Reset!  smile

“While pregnant I feared not being able to lose the weight because of past attempts. Beachbody took the guess work out because I followed the calendar, ate clean and drank ShakeO. The weight started coming off and my body started changing like I had never seen. I am in the best shape of my life and I am very thankful for the programs, products and Beachbody community. I drink Shakeology every day. I lost 30lbs of fat and probably gained 10lbs in muscle. I have lost 3 pants sizes and 14 inches, and I am now in my 3rd week of BBL.”

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Get ready to burn fat, boost your metabolism, and get lean with ChaLEAN Extreme®, the extreme workout system from Chalene Johnson. It’s a fact: The more lean muscle you have, the more fat you burn. You can lose up to 60% of your body fat in just 3 months and see visible results every 30 days, because MUSCLE BURNS FAT®.

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DAY 57 PROGRESS!!!! Lindsay Matway


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