The Life Today of Nikki Kuban Minton

Hello World! My name is Nikki Kuban Minton and I am a 24 and a mother of 2 precious children. A 3yr old Princess and a 1 1/2 yr old boy! They are the light of my life! If it was not for my children I do not know where I would be today!

I had met my husband when I was 19 at College, we had the relationship most college students had, serious but who knew what was going to happen next.  We were dating for a year and a half when I found out I was pregnant.  At the age of 20 I was shocked, scared, nervous, happy, sad, anxious, every possible emotion was running deep within my skin.  I thought to myself this is a sign from God and is a blessing in disguise.  

On my 21st birthday, I was not able to party like all of my other friends did, instead I was sitting around gaining weight like crazy and getting bigger and bigger.  I was growing so fast during my pregnancy that I was told that I had to watch what I was eating.  

At the time I thought this is an excuse to eat what I want, I’m Pregnant-the baby needs the food! When started my pregnancy I was 115lbs, the morning I delivered my daughter I was 197lbs.  The normal weight gain of a pregnant women was 15-20 lbs, I GAINED AN INSANE 82 lbs!!!! On May 10, 2008 I had a beautiful baby Girl, Giavonna Marie Minton, 8lbs 6oz.  My life had changed before my eyes and I WOULD HAVE NEVER CHANGED IT FOR THE WORLD!  

I had gone through many friendships during this time, I lost all of my friends because they did not understand my life now.  I was a mom- not a 21 yr old who could go out every weekend and party.  This was very hard and depressing for me, I was ALWAYS a social butterfly and would go out and loved to meet new people.  BUT, now I was not just a Mom, I was OVERWEIGHT and that was VERY hard for me to face.  I started working out at the gym and by January 2009 I was down to 136 lbs, not great, but it was progress for me.  

But, I found out I was pregnant again! This was very hard for my soon to be husband (at the time) and I to face! Of course I was happy, but we had mixed emotions- I had just graduated College in December, he was in his prime of his career; a police office, and our lives once again were going to turn around.  

I would not think of anything but bringing little baby into this family with as much love as I could give! My husband and I had then decided to push up our wedding and get married in April, before I got too large to wear a wedding dress.  With this pregnancy I had gained 65 lbs, this was very discouraging.  He was a week late, and when he was being delivered, his shoulder got stuck in my pelvis bone and I thought they had broke his shoulder and collar bone- he screamed and cried more than I had ever thought! He ended up being a 10lb very healthy baby, Neyko Christopher Minton! Now I had two babies in the house; my daughter now 17 month, who was walking and a brand new baby, who was colic. This was going to be a LONG road ahead of me. 

Having two babies was the least of my worries, I wanted to get my BODY BACK! This was going to be the hardest thing I had to go through.  Taking care of two babies and trying to find time to get my body together!  I had tried going to the gym, but it was hard to leave the babies.  I tried working out at home with the work out equipment we had, never had a second to be alone.  So, I decided to try P90X- I heard tons of wonderful things, and I thought to myself maybe just an hour-2 hours to workout!! Well I started P90X in February 2010 and only lasted 4 weeks. I started to go on an instant gratification fix and tried every diet pill, cleanse, every and any BAD/HARMFUL DIET OUT THERE! BIGGEST MISTAKE I MADE FOR MY BODY!  after a long 13 months I had finally got back to my pre Neyko weight and could not get past it.

On April 17, 2011 I had made a COMMITMENT to myself and health that I was going to lose this baby weight the right way, but working out! So, I had tried P90X again. This time I started at 138lbs, 37 in hips, 30 in waist, 34 inch chest, 41 in butt, and 24 in thighs.  I had gone cold turkey- started working out, doing the lean version of P90X and eating healthy/ clean.  For the first week I ate nothing but fruits and veggies, whole wheat, chicken, and DRANK ONLY WATER!  I FELT FABULOUS! Then, I ordered Shakeology (, this is a shake that has 70+ ingredients and gives you all of the nutrients you need in (1) one shake.  One shake is like eating 5 salads. This shake gave me energy, stopped my cravings for sweets, and helped me jumpstart my weight lose.  As of today it is June 27, 2011; day 70 0f P90X and I am 129lbs, 35 in hips, 28 in waist, 33 in chest, 39 in butt, and 22 in thighs. I AM VERY HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS!

Instead of not knowing where I am or will be, I am finally thinking about the future and what I would like my children to grow up knowing about me! I had also signup up to be an Independent Beachbody Coach, I help people reach their fitness goals, while I am reaching my own goals! I have never been healthier in my life! I need to know that when I am 50 years old I am still in the best health and shape of my life to keep up with my kids and the life they have! I WANT TO BE AROUND WHEN THEY ARE ADULTS!  One healthy choice after another, will lead to a healthy full life for my family and I.



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