The End of a Diet Affair!

Why does it seem like the only way to be fully committed to something good for you, is to have to be accountable? Why is it you have to go through the deepest darkest side to come out and feel wonderful?

When I was in College, I had an eating disorder, I was at one point both anorexic and bulimic. I did not go home for several months, not because I knew I had a problem, but because I knew I could not face my mom with my issues. This was an issue I had, but my best friend was also bulimic. We thought being skinny was being skinny. We were very unhealthy and sick looking- to look back today I have 3 pictures from that semester of college, that is all. Well, the day I dread was here, time for summer vacation, and I now knew I had to face my mom, I NOW HAD TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR MY ACTIONS! I THANK GOD THAT MY MOM CARES ABOUT ME and THIS DID NOT GO ON VERY LONG AFTER I CAME HOME- There are people who go through this and have no one to turn to, or no one they want to let into their secret life.

Instead of being sick, not eating or making myself throw up. It was now my turn to try diet pills. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! Every time I would stop taking the pills I would gain the weight I lost back. There was no reason behind taking a pill to get skinny because the first day I didn’t take one, I would gain weight- I also took the pills and did not workout! This went on for 2 years before I found out I was pregnant. I was taking diet pills while being pregnant, but I did not know yet. I stopped when I found out, but I was SO afraid that I had harmed the baby.

I went through my pregnancy with no problems, I had gained 82 pounds, which could be a whole other person. During my pregnancy I did not think twice about the weight gain because I wanted a healthy baby and my daughter baby was 8 lbs 6 oz and very healthy! After my pregnancy I felt like I had let myself down. I gained all of this weight to only have a baby that was 8lbs, this was astonishing to me. I now went through another phase of trying to lose weight, this time I took diet pills and worked out everyday, I thought maybe this time I won’t gain weight by not taking one, WRONG, they were still the same with working out or not- they were bad for me, did I see this at the time; no, but now looking back I cannot believe I did this to my body.

Seven months had passed, I got down to a decent weight and then all of a sudden I was pregnant again. This pregnancy I was very lazy and did nothing. I gained 67lbs and had a 10lb baby. Once again I thought to myself, “now I have to lose this weight, how am I going to do it!?” I tried going to the gym- failed, I took diet pills-failed, and I tried P90X- could not commit.

A year and a half has passed since I had my son and I finally was able to try P90X again- I am on day 71 and I can say I have been successful because I was able to fully commit! I became a Beachbody Coach and it has kept me accountable and makes me stay on my game and be FULLY COMMITTED!!! I am for once doing this diet 110% natural, I am doing P90X and drinking shakeology, in 45 days I lost 9 lbs and 2 inches around my waist, thighs, and hips. And now on day 71 by staying strict with my workout and diet I am able to maintain my weight. Yes I would like to lose 5 more pounds, but do I have to NO. I am finally able to say, “I look good”, I am able to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see!

I finally found something that makes me happy, it has helped me lose weight, maintain my weight, and changed my life! I now know that there are more things out there then just being skinny, there is a life and people who need to see you can become fit by being healthy!



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