Fitness Motivation from yours truly! Beachbody Elite Coach

Nikki Kuban Minton from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, 5 star Diamond Elite Beachbody Coach Gets asked the question all the time, “How do you stay Motivated to wake up early and workout?” Well to be honest it was a struggle when I first started but I knew I had to do it, not only for me but for my family! If I did not workout every day I was miserable! Working out gave me energy, makes me happy, and gives me results! The more I would workout, the better results I would get and in return the better I felt about myself! Every time I would finish a program I would make a bigger goal or something that would help me push through my workouts!

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I wanted to give my kids a good role model, I wanted to show them that anything you want to do and put your mind to you can do! I show them that working out and getting fit is fun! They even join me at times!!!

What if your motivation? You need to do it for you, even if you don’t have kids or a husband to help motivate you! YOU have to do it for YOU, what is your goal, what makes YOU happy…. do it for you knowing that it will encourage and inspire others!


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