Top 3 Tips to Staying on Track with Your Nutrition

So many times people find it hard to stay on track with their nutrition (myself included) if you read my post about the Top 5 Fitness Tips you know Support is #1.. yes that is true with Nutrition as well- you have to have some type of support to make sure you stay accountable! But that is not what I am here to tell you… I am here to chat about 3 things that I know if I forget to do each week- I will not stay on track… 


#1: Meal Plan: You have to set out what you are going to eat each week… even if it is a vague meal plan or its going to change… you have to set yourself up for success!

  • *Make a schedule- breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack: If you follow Clean Eating you know 5-6 small meals a day is whats going to help your metabolism!
  • *Each meal should have a protein or healthy fat and complex carb (fruit or veggie) 
  • *You want to try and keep carbs to the early afternoon (not after 6pm or 3 hours before bed)
  • *You want to try and keep your fruits to before lunch to make sure your body uses those sugars and they don’t just sit in your body in the evening. 
  • *You can find a few of my meal plans here: Whole30 Meal Plan , Vegan Meal Plan, Meal Plan

chalean extreme week 4

#2: Make your List and Grocery Shop: Make your grocery list based off of your meal plan! (Sometimes I grocery shop and then meal plan, only because I know the foods we like and I know what my kids will eat… so if i make something new i have to go to the grocery store just for those items!)

  • *Look at your meal plan and make your list: Produce, Meats, Dairy/Eggs, then the aisle items…
  • *SHOP THE PERIMETER and stay away from the aisles as much as possible! Of course you’ll need your frozen veggies and oils/vinegar for dressings or your nut butters, but do those aisles last and have a plan to attack them! 
  • *Eat before you shop- you are less likely going to stay away from your impulsive buys this way!


#3: MEAL PREP: Take time each week and prep your foods that are on your list and that you bought!

  • *Wash, Cut, and portion out your fruits and veggies: you’re less likely going to snack on unhealthy foods this way! Easy to grab and ready to eat!
  • *Batch Cook your Chicken/protein for your salads: I make crockpot shredded chicken for the tops of salads, lettuce wraps, or just for the kids to eat. Some people bake their chicken or make salsa/fajita chicken/steak in bulk! 
  • *Make hard boiled eggs for snacks
  • *Portion out your mixed nuts so you can quickly grab with your fruit or veggies!
  • *Make your salads/lunches: I have found that even with working from home- if it is made and easily accessible, I will grab that over something unhealthy. 
  • *Portion everything out or completely make your snacks and lunches. 
  • *You can make simple breakfast muffins too. Egg Muffins or Banana Bread Muffins
  • *Dinners I have found I make simple- Protein, veggies, carb… but if you like soups or fancy- use the crock pot! Put your meal in in the morning before work- and by dinner time its ready… You will not snack and you will be ready to eat dinner by the time it is done!


These are 3 of my top tips to helping you stay on track each week to set yourself up for success! This is also just a glimpse into what I share with my team and challengers! If you are looking for health and fitness support, message me or fill this form out =) 

Also feel free to submit what you would like to hear from me about!

Grocery Store Tips: Why stay in the perimeter?

Shop the perimeter, stick to the outer walls of the store, avoid middle isles! Think, all the freshest foods such as fruits, veggies, meats, are kept on the outer walls.
***Make a plan to only shop the perimeter first and then work your way through the center isles. By the time you get to the center isles your cart will already be full to the brim with fresh eats!
Keep focused while browsing the center isles. Food choices tower over you on each side. It is not necessary to shop every single isle, skip it if u don’t need anything down it!



In the frozen food section, stay away from anything that says one step, heat and serve or ready to go meal in a box! Learn to read nutrition labels and ingredients list. If you can’t pronounce some of the words or if they look like they belong in a science lab, put it back on the shelf!

When buying canned foods look for low sodium versions, salmon and tuna packed in water, and no extra sugars.

*** Also try to make a list before heading to the grocery store- you are more likely going to stick with what is on your list!

If you want to get detailed- make the list according to how your grocery store goes; produce-deli/meats-dairy & eggs-frozen-isles (canned, spices, pb, dried fruit, kids snacks)

I hope this helps!!! Contact me if you need additional help and ideas


Tips on avoiding a sweet/ food craving…You don’t want to cheat, it’s not worth it!

What to do when you are craving sweets but trying to watch what you are eating and be healthy?

Here are a few tips that I have used to help me get past grabbing for that candy bar, ice cream, or fruit snack (that I have in the house for my kids)

We should all be eating 5-6 small meals a day, every 2 1/2 -3 hours (if this craving comes at any time between these meals follow the steps below)

1st: Drink a large glass of water

2nd: Get a cup of HERBAL Caffeine Free Tea (any flavor)

if 1 or 2 do not help, proceed to the other options for a fix

  • Grab a piece of fruit (berries, apple, orange, melon- low glycemic fruit) OR dried fruit, nuts, and seeds
  • Grab a piece of gum, try chewing the gum and waiting until the next time to eat
  • Get up and go. When a sugar craving hits, walk away. “Take a walk around the block or [do] something to change the scenery,” to take your mind off the food you’re craving.

LASTLY: if these things stated above do not help you with your sweet/food craving think QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! I am a firm believer in moderation…For example, choose a perfect dark chocolate truffle instead of a king-sized candy bar, then “savor every bite — slowly.”  “Don’t swear off favorites — you’ll only come back for greater portions. Learn to incorporate small amounts in the diet but concentrate on filling your stomach with less sugary and [healthier] options.”


Here are some tips on what you are missing when you crave certain things:

  • ChocolateMagnesium Women should be cautious during menstruation, as magnesium levels do drop. Instead, try snacking on natural fruits, nuts, or take a vitamin/mineral supplement.
  • Sugar or Simple CarbohydratesProtein & Complex Carbohydrates. A quick science lesson: Carbohydrates break down into sugars. Since sugar metabolizes very quickly, it is not a good source of long term energy. The best source of energy includes protein and complex carbohydrates, which break down much slower. Good examples include brown or wild long-grain rice; and pasta or bread made from wholewheat flour. It is called “wholewheat” because it includes the “whole” kernel, of which the outer shell contains the germ, bran and nutrients of the grain. White rice (Minute Rice) and white flour have been stripped of this goodness, leaving only the inner starch (simple carbohydrates).
  • Fried foodsCalcium & OMEGA 3 Fatty Acids OMEGA 3’s are good fat! Try eating more fish, or check your grocery store for milk, cheese, or eggs containing theses essential oils plus calcium (it will state such on the label).
  • SaltHydrationVitamin BChloride When you desire something salty, try to drink water instead. Also, stress can lead to a Vitamin B deficiency, so if your experiencing hardship, take a second Vitamin B supplement half way through your day.


***Don’t keep these foods in your house and NEVER go to the grocery stop hungry!

*** Stay around the perimeter in the grocery store, RAW and FRESH is the best way to go!