Grocery Store Tips: Why stay in the perimeter?

Shop the perimeter, stick to the outer walls of the store, avoid middle isles! Think, all the freshest foods such as fruits, veggies, meats, are kept on the outer walls.
***Make a plan to only shop the perimeter first and then work your way through the center isles. By the time you get to the center isles your cart will already be full to the brim with fresh eats!
Keep focused while browsing the center isles. Food choices tower over you on each side. It is not necessary to shop every single isle, skip it if u don’t need anything down it!



In the frozen food section, stay away from anything that says one step, heat and serve or ready to go meal in a box! Learn to read nutrition labels and ingredients list. If you can’t pronounce some of the words or if they look like they belong in a science lab, put it back on the shelf!

When buying canned foods look for low sodium versions, salmon and tuna packed in water, and no extra sugars.

*** Also try to make a list before heading to the grocery store- you are more likely going to stick with what is on your list!

If you want to get detailed- make the list according to how your grocery store goes; produce-deli/meats-dairy & eggs-frozen-isles (canned, spices, pb, dried fruit, kids snacks)

I hope this helps!!! Contact me if you need additional help and ideas