What to do when you take time off of P90X, Insanity, or any other Beachbody Program?

So you get sick or busy or life gets ahold of you an you just need a day or two to rest… THIS HAS HAPPENED TO US ALL!!! What do we do after we are ready to come back??? Do we start the week over, do we start the program from Day 1, do we double up on our missed workouts… NO YOU START WHERE YOU LEFT OFF!!! It is ok that your program goes 91 days, 65 days, or 39 days! WE ARE NOT PERFECT and life may get in the way! We all get sick and we all have days where we barely have time to go to the bathroom… IT IS OK to take a day to rest!

When you are sick or have a pounding headache and try to workout through the pain… You are only going to injure yourself more… your immune system is not 100% and is telling you you need to slow down… SO LISTEN! When you workout through illnesses or pain your body will never recover and you are only going to get sicker or injure yourself worse!



You never want to take the chances with any cold or injury so make sure you consult a doctor before going back to your workout regime! Also anytime you are sick you should check to see what your doctors says or feels you should do! I personally thought I just had a neck pain and it turns out I have Neck subluxation and cannot workout intensely for the next 12 weeks.. bummer YES, but if I would have not gone to the doctor, I would have never known that I would be off for that long! SO CHECK WITH A PROFESSIONAL!


Once you are cleared to workout, PICK UP WHERE YOU LEFT OFF!!! Each Beachbody Program is designed the way it is for the BEST possible results! So if you take too much time off, yes restart it! This is just my advice and recommendations!!! I hope this helps you in the future =)


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