“The Challenge” Support and Accountability Beachbody Challenge

Want to Join “THE CHALLENGE”???

This group is going to be the BEST challenge YET!!!! I am so excited!!! We will Launch the Challenge on Monday June 2nd! We will have it set up so you will get an email daily of a motivational, inspirational, or accountability assignment! You will get videos periodically from me as well. BUT You will check into a Facebook Group that will MAX OUT @ 500 People! This way, the people you start your journey with you will continue with and when you complete a program you don’t have to leave the group! YOU STAY TOGETHER FOREVER =)


What is a Challenge group???? Watch this Video

You will work with 500 other people to work on your journey, you will stay with the same people that you start your journey with! You will get comfortable, get success partners, and stay motivated throughout your journey!

The group will MAX OUT AT 500, once we reach 500 people, we will open a new group! You will not have to exit the group and start a new one when you complete a program or if you fall off! You are stuck with your original 500 group =)

This way for those groups that die down with 5 people will have an AMAZING opportunity to keep the momentum of new people coming in! This is also a great way to stay with those people you get comfortable with-share your success and setbacks with- without having to break down that barrier again!

We will start on JUNE 2nd, you will have to commit by May 26th if you are interested POST BELOW or message me! nminton24@gmail.com Facebook ME



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