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I started my journey on April 22nd, 2011! I was a teacher, mom of 2 toddlers, and a wife! I had gained 76lbs with my first pregnancy and 68lbs with my second! On a 5’4 frame, this was not normal! I needed to do something that I would be happy about… I had tried every fad diet, every diet pill, nothing would help me! I would lose then gain! Until I saw my coach, Kati, post about someone losing 10lbs in 3 days on a Shakeology Cleanse (prior to this she messaged me for 8 months)… I finally gave in! I signed as a Discount coach (save 25% and say NOTHING about the whole “coach” thing- because I had no time or energy to do anything else), i put it on my credit card, as a teacher in the city- we were living pay check to paycheck (and to be honest I didn’t tell my hubby what I was doing)! So I got my shakeology in the mail (already had P90X) and got started— was in a coach group and challenge/support group! 2 weeks in I was screaming from the roof top how amazing the products were and how amazing i felt! I was all in and now i wanted to hear about this coaching thing…. I learned by researching and asking a TON of questions!

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Coaching Sneak Peek

That is what this group will do for you! Show you everything I had to learn on my own; what was beachbody coaching, where do you actually find people, how do you make money, and when do you find time! This group will be 5 days of daily tasks, questions, tips, and motivation to help you understand what it is we do as coaches!

4 Years into the business (in April 2015) and I went from living pay check to pay check- putting groceries on credit cards… to paying off $200K in student loan debt, $33K in credit card debt, and on my way to The Millionaires Club…. All by helping people live a healthy and fulfilling life!

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Are you looking to be a better role model, help others live a healthy life, be the best you you can be? Then this is something you should look into! It is hassle free…. You join, learn the business, ask questions, and hopefully join my team =)



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