P90X 90 Day Transformation: Mommy of 2

I have finally finished P90X and made a video of my transformation!

P90X is definitely worth it! The 90 days are hard, but if you commit and really want to change your life- the hard days pay off for sure!

Day 1- Day 60- Day 90

I never thought I would fully commit myself to something this good! I have a few more pounds to lose and I want to tone-If I don’t lose the weight but tone, I WILL BE HAPPY!

I went from having an extra skin- saggy tummy to a very slim tummy (I still have a tiny bit of extra skin, but I AM WORKING TO GET RID OF IT WITH INSANITY!)

Want to start your 90 day transformation? Comment below or join my team @ teambeachbody.com/nminton24 and I will support and motivate you the whole way for FREE!

Next up- Insanity! Stay Tuned to my progress! (Started July 18, 2011)



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