PRIORITIES: Balancing your life and fit life!

So many times I get questions on how I balance my life with my Beachbody life? Well it is kind of simple they are 1 now!!! It may not have been an easy transition and probably took me a good 3 months to get serious about it, but it was all about prioritizing my time!

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Balance is something that you want and NEED in your life! I will give you a few steps that have helped me get into the habit of creating my lifestyle!

1. Write out all of the things you have going on in your life. (Work, Family, Hobbies, Fitness, Travel, Parties, etc)
2. Give each area a set time frame (ex. fitness 5-7a, work 9-5p, family time 6-9p, hobbies Sat. 9-12p)
3. Put it on a family calendar (on fridge or wherever you all look), then set alarms on your phone and in your phone calendar… get organized
4. If you have certain goals you want to reach- include your family in them! (workout every day- lose 10 lbs- eat healthier… be able to travel more)

5.Get an accountability partner– someone that will make sure you are on track with your prioritize and goals! Spouse- friend- coach- co worker- someone you look up to and cannot let down!

Once you follow these steps, make a CONSCIOUS effort to stick to it for 1 FULL month! Week 1 will be hard, you may skip something or struggle to get it all done! Week 2, you may find yourself tired and exhausted by the end of the day/week! Week 3 you will start to feel accomplished and successful! Week 4 will be a habit and you will no longer have to sigh or feel unorganized!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK AND YOU WILL REACH EVERY GOAL YOU EVER SET!


Time Management and Creating Balance Video