How to Deal with Being Sick and Exercise!

So I have been sick for the past 6 days, hence there has been no posts or blogs lately! I do apologize! But I figured what better post to bring me back than to help you understand why you should not exercise while being sick and what to do to deal with it! This is the season for colds and flu- so many will have this issue to face! I hope not, but it may!


I am one that lives to wake up and exercise to get my endorphins running! But when you are sick your bodies immune system is weak, you try to get back by doubling and tripling on Vitamin C and Probiotics (or Shakeology) but it does not help, because you do your normal activities and then you have no energy!


#1: REST, take time to just sleep it off or sit around and not exert yourself!

#2: Stay HYDRATED, keep your body hydrated! Water and herbal tea (Traditional Medicinals is a great brand-organic that is), Warm water with 1/2 lemon squeezed (fresh juice), and 1 tbsp of PURE honey- helps sooth the throat, and some say sports drinks or electrolytes- I would rather x out all sugar!!!! it will dehydrate more and fight you immune system to lower more!

#3: Go to a Doctor, if it is season allergies you are use to that you know that! But if you have hot and cold sweats or a sore throat- you want to find out as soon as possible! Yes there are many natural remedies for something simple as strep throat but when you have an infection you want to take care of it right away!


Now how and when to get back to your workout! Most simple colds and flu take 7 days to run its course… I recommend giving your self 3-4 days after feeling 100% to jump back in! 1 your body is still weak and you may find you become fatigue must faster than before! If you are following a workout DVD you can pick up with the last workout you did or start that week over, It it your call, but you do not have to start the whole program from day 1!



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