Black Friday Deals and Steals: GET FREE PRODUCTS!!!!

On top of Beachbody’s Amazing Holiday Specials, I will be offering my own! Who loves to be able to shop from home on Black Friday???? Who loves a great deal and FREE Products!!!! I know I do and that is why I want to give back to you since you will be taking control of you life this holiday season!

Black Friday Deal

There are 2 ways you can earn free gifts from me today on Black Friday!

1. Order a Challenge Pack (Shakeology: Healthy Meal Replacement that is your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition with a boost of Energy Plus a Fitness Program of your Choice! From Entry Level to Elite Athlete!) TODAY and get added to my support group plus free shipping!: You will also earn a FREE Shirt from me and a Weekly tracker (a way to stay on track with goals and meals)

2. Order Shakeology HD (free shipping and autoship- so you do not have to think about reordering next month) TODAY and get entered into my FREE support group and I will send you a cook book to help you stay on track with your healthy decision of join me as your coach!


Tis the Season to get help with your health and fitness decisions! Black Friday Deals and Steals… A way to be on top of your New Years Goals before the New Year!!!


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BEACHBODY Chalean Extreme + Shakeology Success Story!

Anna Marie Lost 19lbs and 4 pants sizes in just 90 days!!! HOW AMAZING! By Changing her ways, she changed her life! To drink 1 shake a day and workout TOPS an hour a day and get results like these in just 3 months is fantastic! She started her journey @ 174lbs, and a size 12… on day 90 she weighed in at 155lbs and a size 8!!! CRAZY =)


How would your life change if you would be able to get to where you wanted to be in just 3 months? I know my life changed dramatically when I completed P90X and Shakeology! I was in a better mood, felt better in my skin, and got complements when I went out!



  • You can permanently and safely lose more than 100 pounds in just 9 to 10 months.
  • You can cut body fat by 50% in less than 90 days.
  • You can drop a pant size in one month.
  • You can lose 5 pounds this week.
  • You can change the way you feel and increased energy in just 3 days.
Your mental disposition greatly impacts your success. Instead of focusing on how far away you feel, focus your attention on how close you are to your very short term measurable goals. You’re closer than you think! Set some goals for the next 3 days, 5 days, 1 week.

Sometimes it feels like we will never hit our mark. So instead of asking “are we there yet?” Continue to tell yourself you are closer than you think! You can do it!



Do you need a change? Are you waiting for the SIGN? WELL THIS IS IT NOW!