Crock Pot Recipe: Not your average Pulled Chicken

How many of you LOVE Pulled beef, but want a new or healthier version??? Well, I know my family loves pulled beef on Italian rolls… So, I thought I would try a “Pulled Chicken over Brown Rice” and it was PERFECT! Everyone loved it, even my two kids!

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1. Add into Crock Pot:

  • 4 Chicken Breast (Add Desired amount of Chicken in CrockPot)
  • 1 large onion 
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 3 cups of Chicken Broth
  • 1 tbsp of Garlic Powder (you can also use minced or fresh garlic)

2. Put on High for 2-4 hours of Low for 6-8 hours

3. Use 2 forks and pull chicken apart

4. Turn off and Let sit for 10-15 min to pull all juice together

-While Chicken sits, make your brown rice/quinoa!

You Can make with a veggie or not, you can serve on rolls or over rice or quinoa, you make it however you want for YOUR family =)

***This Recipe Made for 2 Adults, 2 Children, and had left overs for 2 adult lunches!


What are you eating? Do you know what is in your food?

Pay Attention to EVERYTHING you eat: Fresh Veggies, Lean Meats, and foods lower in fat and higher in fiber are the basis of nutrition

-What you eat is a DIRECT effect on everything from how your body works to your mood to the amount your body burns and stores. 

– WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN (or use myfitnesspal to have a journal of your food intake)

– Balancing the types of food you eat are important! Make sure you get enough protein!

– Try to sticking with Michi’s Ladder as a guide- The closer you are to the TOP, they BETTER results you will get =)  It is a DIRECT relationship and CANNOT be overemphasized! (

-No Matter how much you exersice, if you are not watching what you eat than that layer of padding over your belly and thighs-WILL GO NOWHERE!

– Give yourself 3 weeks of eating at the top tier of Michi’s Ladder and your results will STARTLE you =) YOU GOT THIS!!!


Portions and The Right Foods: Every Meal should be conservative in portion sizes and have fairly even ratios :Protein 30%, Carbs 40%, and Fat 30%

–       Use Fresh Veggies and fruits to replace processed foods and you will lose weight!

–       Skinless white meat in BETTER than red meat

–       Egg Whites have LESS fat than whole eggs

–       When looking at a plate full of fat or carbs (pizza or pasta) eat half f your normal serving. Do not overeat!

–       Choose Low- density, high-fiber foods when possible.


Shakeology is ONE meal where you KNOW your body is getting the right FUEL!!!




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