Kick off 2014 with a Life Change: Beachbody Coaching

Beachbody Coaching is an amazing thing that will help you change your life and help you change the lives of others! What do we do as coaches?


We help people live a fulfilling life while reaching their fullest potential! Through health and fitness programs Beachbody Designed to give you maximum results in shorter amount of time!!!


So think you don’t know anything about health or fitness? Neither did I when I started this journey 3 years ago,  but today I am sitting at 5 star Diamond 2x Elite Beachbody Coach… I learned a few things in the last 2 1/2 years!!! I was able to help design a 60 day Coach Camp that is called Coach Basics (that I have put my own spin on with my experiences and struggles, tips and advice) but this is a click from Coaches and how it has helped their business!

I hold a Coach Camp the 1st monday of every month! January 6th, February 3rd, and March 3rd will be the first 3 of 2014… who wants to change their life while helping others?


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So you will have access to our team page, webinars and trainings

You will be added to our closed support group with 1:1 mentoring from me

You will get full access for 30 days on how to run the Beachbody Business and 4 calls!

How to Organize your day and prioritize your business

How to start a challenge group

and how to earn money!


How to Apply:


Beachbody Coach Apprenticeship Interview

2013 promises to be the BIGGEST YEAR in Beachbody history, and THIS girl has NO PLANS of slowing down! Because of that, I am currently looking for some NEW BLOOD for Team Dynasty and will be interviewing for 10 apprenticeship positions! (available to NEW COACHES in 2013 only) I will be hand-selecting & personally mentoring these individuals in both a small group setting and with one on one calls.

During the first 3 months, I will focus on teaching you the same system that has helped both myself and the top leaders on my team reach the level of success we have today… I am the #82 Coach in the company, out of 100,000 coaches.

But, remember, it is UP TO YOU to choose to APPLY that knowledge in your own business! What we do in The Bombshell Dynasty WORKS, there is NO denying it! In just over 2 years we have multiple 6 figure earners and some of the TOP COACHES in the entire company!

If you believe YOU have what it takes and are looking for something that both challenges you as a leader, while at the same time gives you the ability to change lives and create the life of your dreams…