Shakeology 10 day Trial GiveAway: Free Shakeology

Nikki Kuban Minton 5 star diamond Elite Beachbody Coach wants to share with you her amazing SECRET to success!!!! My Weightloss journey would not be where it is today it I did not have SHAKEOLOGY!!!! It has helped with my energy, cravings, and immune system! It helps weightless and maximize your health and fitness goals!

How can you get a FREE 10 day trail? go to find my picture that is in this video (me holding 2 packets of shakeology with rules and 10 day free shakeology on it) share it on your timeline and tag 5 friends!!!!! ***YOU CANNOT BE CURRENTLY WORKING WITH A BEACHBODY COACH NOR BE A COACH YOURSELF

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Once you tag them, come back to original post and comment WHY you want a 10 day trail (to try it, get energy, see the benefits, etc.) then message me with your email, so I can add it to the drawing! (or you can add your email to the comment- your choice!)

Drawling will take place on sunday March 23rd at 5PM EST VIA VIDEO!!! So make sure you get your email into the drawing for your chance to win a 10 day FREE trail of shakeology!!!!! 5 lucky winners will get to see why I love shaekology so much!!



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