Life Happens… What 4 pounds of weight gain can look like!

Per request of the 200+ likes and followers…. Here is the difference of 4lbs on my body!!!! 
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Tons of bloat and swollen from the sodium and alcohol I consumed over the weekend! 4 lbs can just be water weight and not much for some! But when you Change your lifestyle this is what can happen!!! This is nothing that water, shakeology, and greens can’t take care of! But it comes with the dedication and commitment to get to where I want to be!!!! 

This is to show you I am human and slip up and gain weight even though I am a health and fitness coach! Life gets in the way, we have parties and celebrations and as long as it’s not daily it’s ok to enjoy yourself!!!

What is something that you are completely committed to?! Post below!

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