Don’t Give Up because of a Setback

One thing I have notice in my journey, with myself included, is when things happen in life we give up! We let go of what we were working hard on, we give up the results we had, and we forget about what we wanted to accomplish! Not anymore!!!



There is an underlying difference of having a setback in your goals because of life and completely giving up! You only FAIL when you GIVE UP! Don’t give up because you get sick, or busy! Just pick up where you left off!!! Life is too short to give up your goals and dreams just because nature is there!!! You are worth everything you put into your goals! You are worth everything you do to reach your goals! Failure is not an option!




There was a reason you started your journey to reach a certain goal, so when you feel like giving up or quitting remember why you started! Look your goals in the face and say, “I WILL ACHIEVE YOU!” Look yourself in the mirror and say, “I AM WORTH IT!”

Be positive and encourage yourself or turn to someone to help you see your worth! Letting Failure set in is not good, but when you get back up and turn that setback into a learning curve you are set for SUCCESS!



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