6 Diet Killers…. Why are you not losing weight????

Wondering why all your efforts to drop the LBS are just not happening? Here are 6 BIG reasons!

1) You don’t measure EVERY ITEM you will be eating (eyeballing is never good)
2) You don’t drink enough water. (Make it your MINIMUM to get in at least 100oz)
3) You are eating too much fruit! (limit to 1 a day if you need it)
4) You are eating too much Dairy (yeah yeah, “but greek yogurt is GOOD for you, right?” Kill the dairy and you will immediately see changes)
5) Condiment KING! Lay off the “sauce”. Sodium, calories, sugars are typically loaded in these puppies)
6) Skipping meals cause you are not hungry! I know- sounds crazy- but you aren’t hungry! Well, you are eating to fuel your body for optimal function, not for filling the brain with yummy food you want or crave. Eating frequently helps keep the fire burning. Know your daily caloric intake and divide your meals up to at least 5 times a day. So if you are eating 1500 calories a day, make each meal around 300 calories to keep it easier on your brain. =)- Christine Dwyer


DO you do any or all of these??? Try to eliminate one a day and see the results you get in just one week! I would love to know how this helps you hit your goals!!! Comment below what your results are like in just one week after eliminating these all!


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