Beachbody Coach Success Tip: Success Club

Nikki Kuban Minton Talks about WHY SC, Success Club is important and why you should hit it in your business!



#1 reason you want to hit success club is because you are helping others
#2 you are earning free customers and commission next month
#3 you are building your business and gaining residual income

How do you hit SC each month?
1- Help 3 People commit to a challenge pack or shakeology HD
2- 1 point for Shakeology HD (customer or coach) and 2 points for a challenge pack (customer or coach)
3- Invite your FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!


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Everyone needs our help, we together need to end the trend of obesity!


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Elite Beachbody Coach Invite Process for Coaches

Nikki Kuban Minton, From Pittsburgh PA, 5 star Diamond Elite Beachbody coach sharing her tips and steps on how she invites people into her challenge as a customer or coach!


#1. Read Personal Development: you will get your encouragement, your positive words of wisdom, and your confidence to invite!

#2: Set your goals for the day: how many people do you want to invite, how will you invite them (cold invite, follow up)

#3: Invite with a purpose knowing you are going to change their life!!!!

The more you invite the more confident you will be.. go into the conversation with a positive attitude… and know you are helping them! Don’t beat yourself up or know they are going to say NO… its ok!

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