Fortify your Diet: Multivitamin vs. Shakeology

Fortify your diet with a Multivitamin: When you exercise hard and reduce you diet, your body can easily suffer from vitamin deficiencies.  Most Nutritionists believe that multivitamins are absolutely essential, especially for us active folk! The combination of daily stress, processed foods, and nutrient depleted soils may leave your daily diet with deficiencies, which can threaten healthy muscle growth, energy production, protein metabolism, and fat burning. The key is quality and freshness- you get what you pay for!












So when you look at these two BASIC Multivitamin, they both offer the same vitamins at different dosages! (they are comparable with price as well!)

I am now going to show you the ingredient list for Shakeology and I would like for you to compare the two, Shakeology and the Multivitamin! Compare the Vitmains, Dosage, plus the additional superfoods, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, and much more Shakeology has to offer!


Now would you rather take 2 tablets or drink a shake (almost like a milkshake)??? With the benefits like this I would MUCH rather the shake!!! On top of the amazing daily vitamin and nutrient values, you can lower your cholesterol, increase energy, and maintain a healthy weight! How can you resist that? NOW is the time to take action and Fortify your body!!!!