Dedication to a NEW YOU: Jessamyn Patterson

“I’ve been on so many diets, I’ve forgotten what eating without a calculator and judge and jury in my head feels like. Whether for comfort or out of boredom, I reach for food rather than a brisk walk or a hot bath. When I am not over eating, I am ruthlessly depriving myself of food. I’ve never looked at food as nourishment or fuel. Instead, I look at it as a savior or a taboo. Maybe I am feeling some other hunger.” This is was me. The person and mentality living inside me. This is the person I dug deep and ran fast to say goodbye to and the person I seek out in others to help. “
Jessamyn has been on her journey for over a year and is not only in this to help herself get fit and healthy, she is a coach- helping end the trend!
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