Trivial Pursuit: What is the #1 leading cause of Childhood Obesity?

Many parents will say it is a gene that has caused our child to be overweight…. WRONG! It is the unhealthy diet the child has been receiving since day 1… Excessive snacking and insufficient exercise!

Unhealthy Diet:

Children eat what they are given and what their parents eat.. FACT, They eat what they are accustomed too! If you feed your kids fruits and veggies instead of fries and donuts- they will like them! My kids have been eating fruits and veggies since they were babies! Do they eat the occasional french fries and donuts, cake and ice cream of course- they are kids and I would hate for them to go to school and parties and binge eat because they felt deprived! It is all about moderation! once a month or week is different than every meal!

So feed your kids a healthy and balanced diet! Start being a role model! Tosca Reno Eat Clean Recharged is a great book for you to read and learn what a balanced meal consists of!

***Shop the OUTSIDE of the grocery store (the perimeter)shop-perimeter


Lack of Exercise:

Children in the “old days” would be outside all day and night and fight to come in, well the role is reversed now a days! You have to fight your child to get away from the TV, off the computer and away from the video games… GUESS WHOS FAULT IT IS- YOURS, not society!!! If you let your kids have unlimited time on the computer or playing video games- they will take advantage of it!

Play a game with them- go for a walk- freeze tag, dodge ball, hide and seek… these are ways to get them moving and yourself!! if you put a time limit of the electronics (yes the change will be difficult- but necessary!) If they go out side an hour a day, they can have 10 minutes on the electronics for every hour they spend out side! It is our fault as adults and parents for what bad habits our kids pick up! We allow them to role us and show us who is boss… It is time to take control and show them who is boss!



Excessive Snacking:

Once again we as adults have to show the kids who is boss… What is not in the house the kids will not want and will not snack on! If you don’t buy the crap- they wont want the crap! i am sorry but when you have mounds of candy and sugar and salt and chips in the house that is naturally what the kids are going to go for! So buy fruits and veggies, nuts and dried fruit, yogurt and sugar free jello… They will eat what is there- they will want what is in front of them… So stop feeding into what they want and take action and buy the healthy food for them to snack on!


Genetic Factor is only 10% the reason why our kids are what they are today! 80% of their results and weight is due to diet, so if you change the way kids eat and what they eat, you will see a DRAMATIC change in several areas- 1. they will drop weight and look healthy 2. they will feel healthy and have energy to go out side and run around for hours and 3. they will want to eat what their parents are eating- so be the example that your children should want to look up to!


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