How bad do you want it

Nobody can want it for you, you have to want it for yourself!
Is there something in your life that you would really like to achieve? You have to want it for yourself. No one can do it for you. You can have the best personal trainer, gym, nutritionist, but it basically comes down to one thing…YOU!

You have to have the desire to change and better yourself. Figure out what drives you, what motivates you. Use that fuel as motivation to work hard and accomplish your goals. Everyone has a best body and can achieve it. However, not everyone has the will power to do it. Don’t be part of the ladder.

First, start by writing it down. If you write down your goals you are 50% more likely to accomplish them. Next, create a game plan. Write down in small steps how you are going to accomplish this goal. Make sure you cut yourself some slack.Anynew goal is going to take time. There will be ups and downs just like a roller coaster, but keep your eye on the prize. Once you reach one of your small goals, celebrate! Allow yourself to feel good about the small steps that you have accomplished. Never reward yourself with food. Go out and purchase a new exercise DVD that you have been wanting or a new outfit to exercise in. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself without sabatoging your end result. Its very important to surround yourself with positive people. There is nothing worse than trying to change your lifestyle and having people around you bashing what you are doing. Be polite, but keep your distance between the negative people. Find other people out there who support what you are doing and spend time with them.
Research your goal and how to get there. Spend time on the internet with groups that have common interests. If you have people going through the same things that you are, it makes it easier to handle. SHARE on the support groups as well. Don’t sit there with questions that you want answers too, someone out there can help! Don’t be afraid! No one is going to think it’s a stupid question.

Lastly, share your victories with others. There is nothing like getting kuddos from your friends for reaching a goal! We are all pulling for you and can’t wait to see what you have accomplished! You can do anything if you want it bad enough, so make the decision to commit, write it down and get busy!