Sleep and Your Workout Performance

Why is it important to get a certain amount of sleep every night? I get the question of how much sleep do I get a night and I am guilty of not getting enough! My body has adjusted to very little (4-5 hours) a night!


Your muscles begin repairing themselves as soon as you stop battering them in the weight room. But just how important is sleeping to muscle recovery? This article will discuss this issue with the basic weightlifters in mind. Great Experiment done at


A few things that happen during sleep that help increase your results:

  1. Hormonal release

    The first major way sleep will impact your results in the gym is with the hormonal release that it provides. Your body releases a growth hormone at its highest concentration during a 24-hour period when you’re at rest during the night. Since growth hormones are closely correlated to muscle-size increases, you want to maximize this hormone as much as you can.


  2. Muscular repair

    The repair process that goes on while you’re at rest is more evidence of the interdependence of working out and sleep. Every time you lift weights in the gym and overload your muscles, you’re going to create tiny micro-tears in the muscle tissue. It’s when these micro-tears are repaired and built back up that you notice strength and size gains, so shorting yourself of the repair process is a severe hindrance.

  3. Metabolic maintenance

    If you hope to build lean muscle mass without gaining body fat in the process or are looking to lose excess body fat while retaining all the lean tissue you currently have, making sure your metabolism is functioning optimally is essential. This means having a healthy response to carbohydrates consumed, maintaining a strong metabolic rate and showing a good regulatory system of hunger and appetite. suggests getting 8 hours of sleep every night! So in short every article I have read about sleep and how it may effect or help your results when working out, you should no matter what get between 7-8 hours of sleep every night! This is definitely something I will be working on come the next few weeks!!!



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