How to get going when you are just starting out…

QUICK START aka “Ready, Fire… Aim!”

  1. Ease into your new Exercise Routine to get familiar with the moves 
  2. To Start your workout program you need:
    1. Lab Top or DVD Player, electricity (ha obvious right!?!)
    2. Resistance (dumbbells or Bands)
    3. Enjoy space to jump around (push up/ jumping jacks are how I measure- if you can do these you have enough room!)
    4. Water and Towel
    5. Supplements (E&E, R&R, Shakeology and others if you desire)
  3. Scheduling Workouts: Try to be consistent with the time and place you workout, HABIT IS VERY HELPFUL!
  4. IMPORTANT: Take it easy with a New Program. For at least the first week (maybe even two), you should leave some effort behind until you understand the moves and what your body can handle! You will get too sore to work out everyday if you don’t introduce new program to your body GRADUALLY!
  5. Take “before”/ “GOODBYE” photo: Yes, take these photos and save them for yourself- you never want to look like this again right?- This is where you started! Make note of day “1” and track progress
  6. Push “Play”: Do your routine and you’re done for the day! You’re on your way to a body transformation you won’t believe.
  7. Log On… Studies show that you can lose up to three times more weight with online support.





That is it! You are ready for your journey =) If you stick to this you will see dramatic results! AND I am here every second of the way!!