9-11 Tribute: Workout of a Lifetime

Today being 9/11 it is a heart filled day. There are many reasons today is so touching and for many people around the world and our country! I remember being in American History, sophomore of High School- not understanding exactly what was going on, but knowing this was a very devastating time for us Americans! TV’s in the school were put on and the teachers trying to explain just exactly what they knew. We were all trying to get ahold of our parents and as this moment of a dead landline or cell phones I was crushed. Most kids could not get ahold of family members to bring them home- I waited for my dad… and my dad being the man he is- picked me up and went on a job.. As I sat in the van listening to the radio and thinking/hoping there would be no plane coming down in pittsburgh! I was scared and nervous and kind of clueless! I remember watching and learning days later what had happened and the full devastation this had caused!


Years later I can still feel the pain for those who responded and lost their lives on this horrifying day! So I want to take time today and truly dedicate today to those who were the first responders, giving their life to save others.. and those who lost their lives for no reason! Life is too short and there is no reason to hold grudges, feel anger or want pain for anyone! Take time to say a prayer for those who lost their lives or lost someone close to them! Also say a prayer for those in your life that have hurt you, caused you pain, or someone you feel anger to! BLESS AND RELEASE!


So today I would like for you to do this workout with me! I will post a video tomorrow!

9 times throughout the day, do 11 push ups! (any push up you want!) So at the end of the day you would have done 99 push ups in memory of those on 9-11

Unknown-4 0812-wm-knee-push-up


Who will do this workout with me??? I hope you all at least do it- even if you do not post a video! Comment below if you do it!!