Sticking to your NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!!!

How to Keep Your Resolutions All Year!

It takes three months for a behavior to become a habit, so we’ve mapped out a plan to keep you on track through every obstacle.

 New Year’s Eve

You think: “I’m going to spend less, work out more and get promoted.” Creating a resolution that’s too big or too vague sets you up for failure. The first key to success: zeroing in on one goal, not three. Then do a quick reality check. “Look at the level of commitment it will require to achieve, and consider if you’ll be able to match it,” says Larry Kubiak, Ph.D., director of psychological services at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Are you really going to be able to swear off chocolate completely? Unlikely. Limiting your Hershey’s Kisses eating to a few times a week would be much more achievable. Which brings us to the second success tip: getting specific. “The more detailed you can be—’I’m going to save $30 a week by eating out one fewer meal’—the less difficult it is to stay focused on what you have to do to succeed,” Kubiak says.


Make sure when you set a LARGE goal, you are setting smaller goals that will lead to that LARGE GOAL!!! Need Help Setting goals, getting started, or staying on track?!?! MESSAGE ME NOW! I will help you stick to your New Years Resolution!!!



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