Staying Committed!: Your Kids are WATCHING YOU!

“Strong accountability is promising your kids that you will stay committed to your fitness program and nutrition. Look at them straight in the eye and make that promise to them, I doubt that any of you would lie to your kids.”

be great, stay strong, be an example….your kids are watching =)

My children watch my every move! They listen to my every word! Whether you are aware of what your kids pick up or not, THEY ARE PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU! When I made the COMMITMENT to get back into shape and to get healthy, I made the COMMITMENT to my kids that I will be here for them when they needed me! I made the COMMITMENT to a NEW LIFESTYLE for OUR FAMILY!

Giavonna had to take her “transformation” Pictures with mommy!

Everyday when I go to workout my daughter wants to workout with me, she does some of the moves and it makes me PROUD- she is 3 years old, No, she does not know what or why working out is so important, but she will grow up knowing it is a DAILY ROUTINE!

When I go into the cupboard to get the bag of Shakeology, she is right next to me saying, ” Mom, I help make your chocolate shake?!?” When the blender turns off my son-2 years old- runs up and says, ” Me some mommy!” and runs to sit on the floor! To know my kids don’t just WATCH me, they want to DO WHAT I AM DOING!!!! The fact that they LOVE SHAKEOLOGY is AMAZING! They are healthy! They ALWAYS loved fruits and veggies, but they liked the garbage too- they are kids!

Before I got involved with Beachbody, my kids were eating McDonald’s every other day. We would drive by and they would say FRIES or NUGGETS!- They were still active, but to know a 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 (at the time) year old KNEW WHAT MCDONALD’S WAS OR EVEN WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE IS CRAZY!!! We thought it was funny/cute, but today I think it is DISGUSTING! About a month ago, after the park we drove by a McDonald’s and my daughter said, “Mom I want fries” I said, “Do you want fries or the toy?, she replied, “Fries!” So of course we got her fries, and long story short, her and my son were UP ALLLLLLLLL NIGHT LONG-SICK!!!!!!! Call me crazy, but I THINK it was the greasy fries!- Needless to say, we NEVER go there anymore!

I just want to thank My Coach Kati for introducing me to our Team -The Bombshell Dynasty- Because with her and the team, I WAS ABLE TO COMMIT! I was introduced to Beachbody and P90X a year before I had fully committed! Having THE SUPPORT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE!  Shakeology helped me change my diet- I read Tosca Reno’s “Eat Clean Diet Stripped” and started to realize what I was putting in my family’s body!  P90X was over and I started Insanity!


If you need help and support or even motivation to change your life, whether FOR YOU and/or YOUR FAMILY, CONTACT ME!

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