Spotlight on new Tropical Strawberry Shakeology ingredient: Coconut Flower Nectar!

Spotlight on new Tropical Strawberry Shakeology ingredient: Coconut Flower Nectar! This naturally sweet, nutrient-rich nectar comes from coconut blossoms and contains amino acids, minerals, vitamin C and vitamin B. It’s so sweet that it actually took the place of fructose as a sweetening agent for the new blend! Plus, its low on the glycemic index scale so it produces slow energy release which may help maintain normal blood sugar levels.


The superfood name is a new one describing different foods that meet high concentrations of essential nutrients. An example of a superfood is coconut flower nectar. The flowers of the coco nucifera produce a naturally sweet flavor and holds vitamins C and B and 17 of the 20 amino acids. What exactly does that mean? Well if you’ve ever had a sugar rush and then a crash? That effect is not something that you will get from the coco nucifera.

Even though it is sweet, it releases its energy slowly so that there isn’t a radical crash that can interrupt a day where things need to get done. Not everyone has access to coconut flower nectar so in some parts of the world, it is going to be a real challenge to find food this in your local market.
This superfood is in one shake. The tropical strawberry meal replacement shake has the coconut flower nectar as one of its ingredients listed. There are three flavors in the Shakeology brand. Chocolate and greenberry are the other two but the tropical strawberry is the newest vegan shake available. There are many other good points about the tropical strawberry flavor. This is just one of them.

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