How important is that Dessert? Important enough to add those extra pounds???

Desserts….Ah, Wonderful, glorious dessert!


Remember your GOAL: you want to drop the pounds and tone as fast as possible right? SLOWLY STEP AWAY from the dessert Tray! S T E P A W A Y from the C A K E (Did it work?)

-If you MUST have dessert, on your birthday or at a social gathering, be smart- a up of fruit is the BEST way to satisfy the sweet tooth… if you need to give in to temptation, then take 1/3 of what you normally would!

*** People may comment on how small you piece of dessert is… just let them know you have goals to reach and when you reach it you will be walking around feeling great and confident- your health and clothes will be fitting PERFECTLY!… Next they will be asking YOU for tips and advice =)


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