How many of us grab pizza friday nights??? I know pizza is a HUGE downfall in my house! It is easy and convenient and what kid does NOT love pizza? Well I found a way to make a quick pizza and have fun with the kiddos as we do it!




Super yummy!!! I set the oven to 405 and get everything out! I make my own tomato sauce and that is what we use for our “pizza sauce” but they have all natural pizza sauce- or you can use Extra Virgin Olive Oil with some garlic for a white pizza!



I use Brown Rice Tortillas for the crust or you can make a cauliflower crust!


Then we cut our veggies or whatever you want on it! its fun to let the kids put on their own ingredients!IMG_0303






Take your Tortilla and put your sauce on…IMG_0302



Then let the kiddos put their ingredients on!



Then you put into the over 10 min- or until cheese is melted or veggies are soft!



It takes 15-20 minutes TOPS and is a VERY healthy alternative to PIZZA!!!!!


Post below your favorite part of making your our pizza!