Spotlight on Shakeology ingredient: Pea Fiber




Spotlight on Shakeology ingredient: Pea Fiber. It provides one of the highest sources of natural soluble and insoluble dietary fibers known. It has been known to to help improve cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol and stabilizing blood sugar levels by providing steady burning energy. Pea Fiber mostly helps in weight loss by giving one the feeling of fullness and reducing the appetite!




• contains insoluble dietary fiber which has been associated with a
reduced risk of colon cancer and coronary heart disease
• decreases and levels out blood glucose curves significantly,
assisting in the effective management of type-2 diabetes
• cholesterol-lowering effect both on total serum and LDL-cholesterol
levels• assists in weight loss as it delivers food products with more bulk
and less energy (calories)
• relieves constipation and has been shown to reduce the need for
laxative medications and enemas in seniors





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