Proteins: Good Proteins and their Benefits!

Protein helps maintain lean muscle mass and provides energy for your body to build and repair your muscles, bones, and tissues. To get the most out of protein, you need to know what types of protein are beneficial to your body!

Beef: “grass fed” or “free range” beef, this is the type of beef that comes from the smaller leaner cows, the ones that “exercise” and roam!

Chicken: “free range”, hormone and chemically free birds. White/ skinless Chicken breast is best!

Fish: The freshest fish available!


Good Sources Of Protein:

  • Egg – Grand Daddy of all foods. I like to have 1 whole egg for every 3 whites. So breakfast might include 6 egg whites and 2 whole eggs.

  • Liquid Egg Whites – This is just pure egg whites. More convenient than cracking all the eggs and discarding the yolk but will cost you a little more.

  • Skinless Chicken Breast or Cutlets – Lean, inexpensive, high quality protein; staple of every diet.

  • Lean Ground Turkey – Lean high quality protein. Little more expensive than chicken breast.

  • Top Round Steak – Lean cut of meat. Has more fat than chicken but great source of meat. Definitely something you want to have in the off-season and can be eaten while dieting in moderation.

  • Filet Mignon – Tasty lean cut of meat. Expensive but worth it every once in a while.

  • Buffalo – Lean red meat, very tasty but super expensive. Give it a try.

  • Flounder – Inexpensive lean fish.

  • Cod – Inexpensive lean fish.

  • Pollock – Lean fish.

  • Wild Salmon – Healthy fatty fish. I get my salmon wild because the quality is a lot better but that results in a higher cost.

  • Canned Tuna – Lean inexpensive fish. If you worry about your sodium you might want to cut down on this. Make sure you get the one in water not oil.

  • Turkey Bacon – Leaner than regular bacon, not something I have all the time but I am a bacon lover so adding this to my breakfast in the off-season is something I like.

  • Lean Ground Beef – Make sure you get something that is at least 90% lean. This can be a great off-season source of protein.

  • Cottage Cheese – Slow digesting form of protein. Great for having when you have to go a long time in-between meals and also excellent to have before bed.

  • Pork Tenderloin – Inexpensive lean protein.

  • Wild Sea Bass – Lean high quality protein. Expensive side.

  • Wild Swordfish – Lean high quality protein. Expensive


    Many vegetarians eat eggs, dairy, and fish, all of which are excellent sources of protein! These vegetarians rarely have a problem getting plenty of protein in their diets.  However, there are plenty of other options and sources  to get protein! Some major ones are whole grain and legumes. Beans, peas, and lentils are full of protein and fiber (as well as carbohydrates) and are staple foods for many vegans. Tofu, Tempeh, and Veggie burgers are also other options to choose from!
    Many other foods have protein in less amounts. These are nuts, seeds, many grains, and most veggies- accessorize your diet to make it easy to get enough protein!
    Protein is an important part of your diet! While working out you need to be energized, feel full, and burn fat by building lean muscle- this is why protein is the main part of many peoples (especially body builders) diets! You want to eat a protein and complex carb at each meal! I will be writing a blog post on Carbohydrates next so look for it!
    Need help with know what foods are good and bad and what to eat when you are just starting out?!?! Check out my Beginner’s Grocery List!
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