Take the Shakeology Challenge!

If you are SERIOUSLY ready to change your HEALTH for the better, lose weight or maybe just take your already great stamina to an entirely new level…watch this video. I guarantee… you’ve NEVER seen anything on the market like this…that will aide in your TOTAL health. I’m not pulling your leg…this stuff truly has medicinal qualities in it. That is why I’m so crazy-passionate about it!

Shakeology is good for your body, health, and mind! You will not be disappointed, give yourself the 10 day Shakeology Challenge!

The Shakeology Challenge, What is it?

1. Commit to replacing at least 1 meal with a serving of Shakeology everyday!

2. Commit to exercising at least 30 minutes everyday during the 10 day challenge. If you need suggestions for home workouts just message me.

3. Write down everything you eat and drink.

4. Email me every night with your daily food intake to nminton24@gmail.com 

5. Weight yourself at the beginning and end of the challenge to see your results. I always like to take measurements too.

6. Once you have committed to join this challenge you will need to access Shakeology. You can do this by either buying it directly from my site at www.myshakeology.com/nminton24.
Or if you just want to purchase it for the 10 days, you can buy packets from me. The total purchase price for 10 days is $50. For locals we can meet up and for those farther away I can mail it out for an additional $5 shipping.

Trust me, Shakeology is absolutely worth the $120/month.  If you don’t believe me, try it risk free for 30 days along with regular exercise and a balanced diet I will personally take care of cancelling your Shakeology order and refunding your money!  Shakeology has a great bottom of the bag guarantee!

There is no better time than now to start making smart choices for your body!  Your body will thank you everyday for putting nutritious complete foods into it and you will feel amazing!
For additional information please Message Me!  

Yes, I want to take the Shakeology Chanllenge!



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